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How to Make Money on Thumbtack as a Local Contractor

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How Contractors Make Money on Thumbtack

Thumbtack is an app that helps homeowners and service providers find one another. Users can specify the nature of the work they need done and the type of contractor they prefer to work with, and the service will return a pool of potential candidates from which they can choose the best fit. Users will appreciate this feature because it eliminates the need to scour the yellow pages or online reviews in search of local service providers who specialize in the work they require. How can you, as a contractor, increase the likelihood that your profile will be displayed in response to a user’s search? An excellent source of income for contractors is Thumbtack, but there are some steps you can take to improve your chances of being chosen by a customer. If you want to know how to make money on Thumbtack as a contractor, read on.

How to make money on Thumbtack

Do you want to know how to make money on Thumbtack? First, the prospective contractor needs to know that Thumbtack has a dedicated app just for contractors. Thumbtack, like Uber, has two apps: one for customers and one for service providers. The first step for contractors is to create a profile for their services and company. Once this is done, they will be visible to users searching for contractors. Furthermore, contractors can boost their visibility in comparison to local competitors by purchasing additional credits.

The Thumbtack Pro app has received positive reviews from its users because it was developed with the unique requirements of contractors in mind. Both the client and the contractor can search for each other, and if they find a match, they can communicate securely within the app without exchanging personal information like phone numbers or email addresses.


Thumbtack’s fees for contractors can swing widely based on a number of variables. The contractor and client apps both have free and paid versions. Thumbtack credits can be used by professionals to increase their lead generation. If a contractor does not get a job from a lead, they will lose the money they spent on the credits they purchased ($1.50 each). Thumbtack makes money in this fashion. Independent contractors can post ads for their services at no cost, but paying to boost their profiles in client searches is a must. Therefore, contractors spend more on advertising, but they keep the entire fee paid by the client.


A contractor’s business can benefit greatly from using Thumbtack. Getting contract work through Thumbtack is a great way to kick off the kind of word-of-mouth marketing that can be the most effective, depending on the type of service you provide. This article outlines how to make money on Thumbtack as a contractor quickly, and it is a fairly easy process to get started. Your company can do well on Thumbtack if you approach it in the right way.


1. What sorts of issues might a contractor run into while using Thumbtack?

Contractors on Thumbtack often run into issues with fake leads and dishonest clients. Not every customer who asks for a quote is legit, and some are just bargain hunting. Some users are concerned that Thumbtack is creating phony leads in order to scam contractors out of their money by spending credits on fake leads. However, this claim is not supported by evidence from Thumbtack.

2. Can I contact Thumbtack if I have questions?

Contact customer service at 1-866-501-5809 or at if you have any questions about Thumbtack. You can also reach them via instant messaging services like Facebook Messenger and live chat.

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