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Creating An Online Course? Here’s Why You Should Consider LMS-WordPress Integration

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While WordPress is a multifaceted Content Manager System(CMS), that has a set of tools and plugins, LMS is defined as an eLearning tool that helps instructors and educators track, manage, and deliver online learning resources to learners. WordPress alone powers 43.1% of all websites, as it provides the perk of creating websites of varied types and scales. 

LMS-WordPress integration offers a potent platform for the sale of online courses, by making them easily accessible and making the courses more fun to participate in. This integration proves to be beneficial for both learners and educators. While such tools help instructors/educators to handle subscriptions and deliver content easily, it allows learners to access the course materials from wherever they are. Learners may even get immediate feedback on the assessments they may take to determine their level of expertise. 

In this article, we will cover the advantages that a powerful LMS-WordPress duo offers. 

Eight Benefits Of LMS WordPress Integration

Enables Single Sign On

This integration provides the user with an authentication process called Single Sign On, which enables users to use multiple applications with just single login credentials. It also offers user data synchronization, which means if a new user account is created in WordPress, then automatically the data gets uploaded to the LMS and a new learners account is created. Also, any kind of update done in any of the portals leads to an update of the same in the other portal.  

Allows You To Manage Learner Profiles Easily 

With this integration, as a learner, you do not need to leave the WordPress page to view the courses in LMS. It is often made accessible on the WordPress page itself. Moreover, if you are an instructor, then you have the opportunity to not only assign tasks to the learners but also track their progress. 

Makes It Easy To Access Courses For Learners 

The LMS-WordPress integration not only enables the automatic access of purchased courses to the learners but also sends reminders to complete the courses. Certifications are also provided to the learners who complete the entire course without failing. 

Supports Various Formats

Plugins in a WordPress account make the experience of using the eLearning site more exciting. Various plugins help download and upload documents in DOC, PDX, or Excel format. These also enable the instructors to add videos, audio, and quizzes to make the course more engaging. Plugins even have the capacity of simplifying the selling of online courses. LMS-WordPress integration is a good option for creating custom functionalities on the preferred LMS plugin.

Moreover, with LMS-WordPress integration, you can sell your online course, host webinars, and offer digital content based on a subscription. Adding eCommerce plugins to the WordPress site leads to profit.  

Makes Your Course More Visible 

The significance of optimizing a website for sufficient traffic generation is undeniable. Compared to any other CMS, WordPress is the most SEO-friendly one. While developing a WordPress website, try using SEO-friendly plugins to boost your website’s visibility. The benefit CMS’s meta tags, descriptions, and site names have over your website is undeniable.  

Promotes Usability 

WordPress has a very user-friendly interface. Custom-based LMS WordPress integration has plenty of features that are easy to understand and use.  

Offers Varied Themes 

WordPress has a lot of theme options that are made keeping in mind the various businesses around. So either opt for a pre-made theme or customize one based on your requirements.

Budget Friendly 

WordPress demands very little investment, and you do not have to change your conventional site into a fully functioning LMS. With the availability of multiple plugins, online learning webpage development has become simpler.


A customized LMS-WordPress integration offers a surfeit of capabilities and tools that come in handy while creating an eLearning website. WordPress being an open-source platform enables stability and is highly extensive, because of all the customization and integration options it supports.

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