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Guide on How to Use IPO Investing on SoFi Invest

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How to Invest in IPOs on SoFi Invest
SoFi Invest is an online financial services firm that provides its customers with access to a wide range of investment opportunities, such as common stocks, cryptocurrency, fractional shares, and initial public offerings (IPOs). Even though a beginner investor may not know much about initial public offerings (IPOs) or how to invest in them, gaining knowledge about IPOs is a good way to diversify a portfolio. IPOs are also a good option for people who are saving for retirement and want to build up an IRA or other retirement account over time. Are you curious how to use IPO investing on SoFi? Let’s take a look at SoFi Invest’s initial public offering (IPO) features to find out if this investment vehicle is right for you.

What is IPO Investing

The term “initial public offering” (or “IPO”) refers to the process by which a formerly privately held corporation makes its first public offering of stock. For investors, getting in on an initial public offering (IPO), sometimes known as a firm “going public,” before the price of its shares has risen much can yield significant returns. A corporation’s rise to prominence and respectability can be seen as a result of this process, as it indicates the company is growing . However, investors should not ignore the risks associated with initial public offerings. Due to the extensive review required to list a private firm on a public exchange like the New York Stock Exchange, the process is often expensive and time-consuming, and can extend for quite some time.

IPO Investing 101

A firm can lawfully offer stock to the public for investment once it has “gone public.” Private companies are usually not obligated to disclose their financial information to the public, while the financials of a company are made public when it goes public and files with the SEC. There is a great deal of hype around the IPO process, and if the company was already well-known before it went public, it can lead to rapid growth in the years that follow.

When investing in an IPO, timing is everything. SoFi Invest offers alerts for the investor who finds them useful. Before opting to participate in an IPO, it is important to pay close attention to financial releases and message board activity, and conduct extensive research on the firm. Investors that put money into a startup at the beginning of its existence usually reap substantial rewards in the years that follow. Early investors in Apple and Microsoft, for example, are likely to have quite healthy retirement savings right now. Account holders can buy initial public offerings (IPOs) when they become available on the SoFi Invest platform. However, they should check the portal every day because IPOs don’t always become available.

The new user might not know how to use IPO investing on SoFi, however. To invest in an IPO on SoFi Invest, one needs only to be a member of SoFi Active Investing, navigate to the IPO dashboard to see which ones are live, and submit an indication of interest. Once a buy order is accepted, the user will get a notification of when the shares are issued.


The prudent account holder, as with any investment, will do his homework before committing his funds. While initial public offerings (IPOs) have the potential to contribute diversification and growth to a portfolio over the long term, investors should be aware of the risks involved with betting on a company that is just entering the market. Investing in an IPO can be a terrific strategy to diversify a portfolio, so long as novice investors stay away from high-risk investments in unproven firms. Once you know how to use IPO investing on SoFi, this financial service might be just the boost your portfolio needs.


1. What factors go into determining the asking price of a newly issued stock?

During the pre-IPO phase, a special underwriter looks at a company’s finances, products, and services to figure out how much each share will cost and what its market value will be.

2. Once an investor knows how to use IPO investing on SoFi, when is the best time to buy shares in an IPO?

The investor needs to be aware of the timing of the IPO and the fact that it is only available for a limited period of time. The best time to buy is right as the IPO goes live. If the investor misses the temporary buy period, a secondary period might be offered in a week or so.

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