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Is Fetch Rewards Legitimate? What is The Downside of Fetch Rewards App?

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The Downsides to Fetch Rewards

So, a friend or family member just told you about this amazing new app called Fetch Rewards, and they are raving about the additional money they are making, and they may have even given you a referral code, and now you are considering signing up. You probably have some concerns about the service you’re considering utilizing, such as whether or not it’s a genuine company, whether or not the app is secure, and whether or not there are any drawbacks to the service. Because of the inherent risks of doing anything online, this app is not for you if you are the type of person who does not appreciate having their shopping habits tracked and discussed with others. Fetch Rewards may not be the best way to make money, but it can be a decent supplement if you know how to use it. The amount you make is, of course, up to you, and you should keep in mind that your customers’ reactions to the service will vary. But what is the downside of Fetch Rewards app? Before you sign up, let’s have a look at a few details.

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Is Fetch Rewards Legit?

It’s common knowledge that going food shopping can be stressful for families in today’s economy, what with inflation and rising expenses. The cost of groceries adds up fast, but with Fetch Rewards, you may be able to cut back. Of course, the majority of people will have concerns like “does this genuinely work?” “is Fetch Rewards legitimate?” and “can you really earn incentives by uploading your receipts to an application?”

First of all, know that Fetch Rewards is a legitimate service and that you will effectively earn cash back in the form of gift cards. It’s debatable whether or not other apps could do a better job of providing this service, given that some provide as much as 40% cash back on select transactions and as much as $10 in welcome bonuses and discount coupons. But if you had concerns that Fetch Rewards was a hoax, you may rest assured that it is not. In answer to the question “is Fetch Rewards legitimate,” the answer is yes, it is.

What’s the Catch?

Now that you know Fetch Rewards is not a scam, you’re probably wondering if there’s a catch to all this, as receiving gift cards for shopping sounds too good to be true. You might be wondering “what is the downside of Fetch Rewards app?” There are indeed drawbacks, of course. In the first place, Fetch Rewards is not the only app on the market that offers rewards for shopping. MyPoints offers a greater return percentage and a $10 sign-up bonus. Fetch’s point total may not always reflect how many you have earned. Fetch only gives you $1 for every 1,000 points you earn, and it could take you 35 receipts to reach that $1, which some users might find difficult. Fetch Rewards’ main drawback is that it generates revenue by selling users’ personal shopping details to third-party firms engaged in the business of analyzing consumer spending habits. It is recommended that you do not join the service if you are uncomfortable with this. Finally, in order to earn reward points through Fetch Rewards, you must scan physical receipts, which will be processed over the course of three business days. Some users find this inconvenient, especially in light of the fact that instant rewards functionality is available in competing apps. Furthermore, users may be unaware that they are only allowed to post a certain number of receipts per week. The weekly limit for uploaded receipts is set at 35 per seven days. Apply referral code: 55AGK for 2,000 free bonus fetch reward points.


Your individual requirements will determine if Fetch Rewards is the best solution for you. Many people have left glowing reviews complimenting the service, and they did not find the processes required to gain points to be too onerous. It could be just what you’re looking for. With consistent receipt scanning, you can build up a healthy point balance redeemable for rewards like gift cards to your favorite stores or a Visa gift card that can be used almost everywhere. If you are okay with your data being sold to analytics businesses, then giving it a try for a few weeks is the best way to determine whether or not it will work with your daily routine. As to the question “is Fetch Rewards legitimate,” it is indeed.


1. Do points expire?

Your points will expire after 90 days if you do not use the app in any way, including redeeming prizes or uploading receipts. However, the points will remain until you’re ready to redeem them, as long as there’s activity on the account.

2. Is there a way for a user to prevent the sale of their information?

Unfortunately, no, because this is how Fetch earns revenue.

3. Is Fetch Rewards legitimate in saying it will accept any receipt?

Not entirely. Fetch will not accept receipts from salons, certain health retailers, and on items that were returned.

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