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3 Unusual Sources of Used Vehicles That You May Want to Consider

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There are more than a few reasons to buy a used car. Your budget could be tight, yet you really need to get a new set of wheels. You may also be planning to replace your current car with a new, eco-friendly model that’s easy and cheaper to maintain.

Whichever your reasons, there are so many sources of used vehicles out there, some of them more popular than others. 

While used car sites and dealerships dominate the market, below are 4 unusual sources of used vehicles that you might want to give a try for excellent options and a decent bargain.

1. Military Vehicle Sales 

Especially if you’re looking for a car that can navigate tough terrain smoothly, military vehicle sellers can be worth looking into. Basically, military vehicle sales are meant to provide service members with the cars of their needs while deployed, stationed, or assigned temporary duty overseas.

As can be seen on the Camp Arifjan auto sales page online, military vehicle retailers stock a wide range of motor vehicle brands and models, from Jeeps or Rams, Dodge, Volkswagen, Chrysler, Ford, Nissan, and many more. Vets and military service members can also benefit from discounted rates and financing options from the likes of Navy Federal and other reputable automotive lenders.

The best part is that you do not necessarily have to be a service member on active duty to own a used military-grade vehicle these days. Even civilians can be proud owners of some of the most durable rugged vehicles!

2. Private-Party Sales 

For a minute, you might think that this involves walking into a party and walking out driving your new, used ride. Far from this, a private-party purchase simply refers to buying a used car from someone or an entity that isn’t in the car-selling business – at least not formally. It’s among the cheapest ways to purchase a used car, plus all the paperwork is completed between the seller and the buyer.

However, the major downside with private-party purchases is that once the transaction is done and payment is made, you may not have a claim against the seller in case something is amiss a moment later.

Buying a vehicle this way does not guarantee you the consumer protection rights you would have enjoyed if you purchased it from a licensed dealership. Also, you may not have many brands and model options to pick from.

It’s also not unheard of to come across an unlicensed car dealer posing as a private party seller. These are known as curbstoners and may be out to swindle you of your money.

3. Buy Here – Pay-Here Sellers 

As you can tell from the name, these are dealers who not only sell the car to you but also provide financing. In other words, they are the seller as well as the lender. This can be a lucratively considerable option when your budget is really tight and can’t imagine spending another few months without a new set of wheels.

However, it is good to only use this as your last resort, especially when you can’t afford the car in cash and your credit is in immense jeopardy. One of the biggest downsides of buy-here, pay-here purchases is that, just like other bad credit loans, the interest rates are usually painstakingly high.

Some of these dealers will also have several hidden fees, plus the return policy could be less than 48 hours. If you fall behind on your payments, these dealers could disable your car at will using the tracking devices and repossess it.

Still, it can be a considerable option if you have a surefire plan to repair your credit over the short term.

As you can see, used car websites and dealerships aren’t the only way to purchase a used car. Depending on your needs and preferences, one of the above unusual sources could be worth considering when you need a pre-owned vehicle.

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