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How to Find Personal Finance Sites for Guest Posting and SEO Dofollow Backlinks

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Guest Blogger Tips: Find Financial Sites That Allow Dofollow Backlinks
Freelance writers who are interested in working as guest bloggers might find several openings to do so. There is a plethora of financial-themed blogs where you may publish your writing if this is your area of expertise, and many of them not only let you post under your own name and keep the article’s authorship but also provide a hyperlink that search engines will follow. Incorporating these links within a post provides readers with an easy way to return to the author’s website or blog, which in turn boosts the author’s online profile and credibility. But what are these “dofollow” links, and which financial sites actually allow them? Keep reading to find out more.

What is Dofollow?

In the context of the World Wide Web, a “dofollow” link is one that search engines are allowed to follow and consider when determining where to place the linked-to page. Dofollow links are crucial as they provide search engines with valuable contextual information about the relationships between websites, which in turn can affect how highly a website appears in search results.

Locate Opportunities in Guest Blogging

And now that you know the meaning of “dofollow,” you’re interested in contributing to business blogs. Do you know how to find finance websites that allow guest bloggers? You can employ a few different tactics. Search for phrases like “guest post,” “write for us,” and “contribute” on Google, combined with keywords relating to your area or sector. It’s a great way to locate sites that welcome guest posts and possibly permit dofollow connections. When you write for an industry-specific blog or website, such as finance, the host may allow you to include a dofollow link in your author bio. Search for blogs and websites in your field that might accept guest posts. Guidelines or regulations for contributors can be found on many websites that welcome guest contributions. Dofollow link eligibility may be addressed in such standards.

To find out if a website allows dofollow links in guest articles, you can contact the site’s owner or editor if no such information can be found on the site itself. You can also talk to other bloggers and get tips on where to find finance-related websites that allow dofollow backlinks by joining blogger communities on forums like Reddit and newsgroups.


If you want to know how to find personal finance sites that allow dofollow backlinks, try some of the strategies listed here. If you’re lucky, guest blogging will lead to additional permanent writing gigs, which will bring in more visitors and boost your site’s authority. Consistently posting as a guest blogger on reputable financial sites where you can earn high-quality backlinks can boost your search engine rankings and boost your credibility over time. As a freelance financial guest blogger, one of the easiest methods to get additional employment is to use backlinks.


1. If I do not know how to find personal finance sites, what are some financial sites that allow guest bloggers to use backlinks?

Some personal finance blogs that allow guest bloggers and backlinks include:

Money Saving Mom
Money Under 30
Your Money Geek

2. Can you tell me how to find finance websites that are general and nature and are known to accept guest bloggers who use backlinks?

Some general finance sites that allow guest bloggers are:

Financial Sense

Become an Insider

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