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What Insurance Do I Need for My Electric Car?

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If you’ve recently bought an electric vehicle (EV), you’ll likely be excited to start driving around in your new, battery-powered car. However, before you can drive off into the sunset, you must insure your EV.

But what insurance do you need? The answer is simple: Electric car insurance.

Read on and discover the complete lowdown on what EV insurance is, why you need it for your car, and what the many perks are of this type of policy.

What is electric car insurance?

EV insurance is a unique type of policy required for drivers of any electric car. The policy works in a similar way to most types of insurance you’re familiar with – such as that of gas-powered cars. 

It gives you and your vehicle coverage for a range of different things, depending on the type of cover you choose, and your insurance provider will charge you premiums which factor in different aspects of your driving.

In terms of finding the best insurance for you, check out how to insure your electric vehicle with Lemonade Car, where you could be eligible for bonus coverages for the fairest price available.

Why do you need electric car insurance?

You need electric car insurance if you own any type of electric vehicle, as it’s the only way you can legally drive your EV on the road. Standard insurance will not cover your EV, so an EV insurance policy is a must!

EVs have their own type of insurance due to the fact that EVs are designed and operated differently from standard gas cars.

For instance, EVs have a unique design which is made from special components. Among other things, the cars run on lithium-ion batteries which power electric motors to propel the car.

This means any replacements or repairs will need to be carried out by a specialist mechanic, who can find the right parts to work on your EV.

This is one of the many reasons why standard insurance cannot cover your EV, and you’ll need electric car insurance to give you legal coverage.

What are the perks of electric car insurance?

When taking out an EV insurance policy, you’ll find there are many perks it brings to you and your car, which include:

Planet-friendly discounts

One of the main perks of owning an EV is that you can gain discounts on your premiums for driving a more environmentally-friendly type of vehicle. 

EVs are built to be more fuel efficient when driving. With hybrids and plug-in hybrids, you burn significantly less fuel for every mile you drive, than that of gas-powered cars. With fully electric vehicles, there’s no fuel burned whatsoever.

This is important since burning fuel in your car produces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and these are harmful to the earth’s ozone layer. In short, these emissions contribute greatly towards global warming.

Therefore, by driving an EV – which burns less, to no fuel – you’re helping improve the planet. And as a result, insurers can offer you discounted premiums as a reward for greener driving.

Essential EV coverage

Another key benefit of EV insurance is that you can gain a variety of essential coverage for, not only your vehicle, but every important aspect of your driving.

For example, on top of gaining cover for your car, you can insure all the many charging components that are needed for it. With charging being a vital part of EVs, many drivers have charging stations at their homes or portable chargers for when they’re on the move.

With EV insurance, you can include these important components in your policy, so they have the same beneficial cover that your car itself has.

As well as this, you can also gain cover for any roadside assistance, such as when you might need to be towed to the nearest charging station if your car runs out of battery.

With more flexible and extensive cover, you can rest assured your EV is protected when out on the road with EV insurance.

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