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Uber Boost vs Surge vs Uber Eats Boost: Which Driver Bonus Promotion Pays More?

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Which Uber Bonus Pays More? Boost or Surge?

Choosing to drive for an on-demand side gig industry provider is a big step for a new driver. Learning the vocabulary of the company with which you sign on, such as Uber, which uses terms like “surge,” “boost,” and “promotional pricing,” can be equally overwhelming. If you are a new Uber driver, understanding the differences between these terms can make a significant difference in the amount of money you earn. If you register as a new driver during a promotional period, you may be eligible for cashback incentives based on your location. You can earn up to double the regular route amount if you drive for Uber during surge price times or on a boosted route. So, which feature pays the Uber driver the most? Should you aim for Uber boost vs surge pricing, or Uber Eats boost vs surge pricing?

Profit Maximization

Not all service providers offer bonuses to new drivers who sign up for the first time, but Uber does try to entice new drivers with a variety of promotional offers. A new Uber driver who uses an invite code from another driver can earn between $500 and $1,500 in sign-up bonuses. Bonuses are typically calculated based on a driver’s potential earnings based on their location, so a driver in a small town in Arkansas will receive a lower bonus than a driver in New York City. After signing up, the new driver must learn when it is most profitable to drive. Working for Uber may entail experiencing surge times and boost routes on different days of the week and at different times for different locations. To increase the likelihood of getting boosted or surged routes, it is always best to become familiar with the area of operation as well as peak times of traffic and ride demand.

Uber X Boost

Many drivers seek out boosted routes after signing up. Boost promotions allow you to earn more per trip by ensuring higher rates at specific times and locations. Boost multiplies your earnings for each trip. As an example, if your boost multiple is 2x, a trip that would normally earn you $12 will now earn you $24. Unlike Surge, Boost does not rely on an unexpected surge in rider demand. Instead, it’s a more predictable increase, which means you can plan ahead of time by looking at the promotions tab of your Uber app.

Uber Eats Boost

Uber Eats is another service provided by Uber in which drivers deliver food and restaurant takeout orders using their own vehicles, and also offers sign up bonuses. Simply enter your location, and Uber Eats will offer a guaranteed rate based on a predetermined number of rides. Uber Eats, like regular Uber X ride-share services, is subject to boosted promotions. The driver can use these routes by opening his app and searching for an area where the boosted promotion is active. Routes that begin in the boost area provide the multiplier automatically, and deliveries made in this area receive an additional multiplier unless they begin outside of the boosted area. Because these times differ from Uber X times, drivers should check their apps frequently for boost opportunities between various Uber services.


Surge is a real-time opportunity to earn extra money for a busy delivery or ride-share. You can still earn a boost on top of the money earned from a surge delivery. On a typical weekday, Uber surge pricing is at its peak during rush hour, which runs from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Driving during these hours typically results in higher earnings for the driver. Surge pricing occurs when the amount of a regular trip at the base fare is increased because it is a traditionally busier time for traffic in the area, such as rush-hour on the way home. Because both Boost and Surge multiply your earnings for each trip, you will always earn the greater of the two.


Driving for services like Uber is just as much of a strategy as it is a regular job. Seasoned veterans who have been driving for Uber for some time are familiar with the various ways in which Uber allows the driver to earn more money than they would otherwise. Promotional codes, surge and boost pricing are methods for ensuring that the driver maximizes his income, especially if he chooses to only operate during these times, which can save gas. Which promotion pays the most varies by location, across Uber services, and at different times of day. Uber boost vs surge pricing, or Uber Eats boost vs surge pricing decisions are best made based on a driver’s location and opportunities. However, once a driver is familiar with the best times to drive in his area, the potential to earn up to twice the normal wage skyrockets.


Can an Uber driver earn multiple promotional increases at the same time?

Yes, on the same ride or delivery, Uber allows for both boost and surge pricing.

Uber reimburses drivers for missed rides or deliveries within a certain time frame. Is this compensation multiplied during surge and boost periods?

No, the compensation remains unchanged.

What other offers does Uber have?

Uber also offers Quest, in which drivers are compensated for completing a specific goal within a specific time frame, such as completing four deliveries between 7pm and 9pm on a specific day. Quest can also be used in conjunction with surge and boost promotions.

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