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Things to Consider When Buying Toddler Clothes

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Shopping is one of the most relaxing things for some people, whether they buy something for themselves, their peers, or their children. However, it could be a headache to buy clothes for your children because of all the investment that goes into it.

Buying a toddler’s clothes can be difficult because the clothes bought should also be trendy, cute, comfortable, and durable, all at the same time. There are numerous stores that can help parents buy fashionable toddler clothing – The Trendy Toddlers store makes it easier to shop for your kids online.

There are several factors that you need to keep in mind while shopping for suitable articles of clothing for your little ones. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most important things that a parent should keep in mind while shopping to make the most out of their money.


Toddlers’ skin is very sensitive. Plus, the amount of sweat they produce every day while roaming and playing around, makes their skin even more sensitive and prone to rashes and itchiness. This is why the first important factor that a parent or a grownup should consider when buying toddler clothes is the fabric. 

What fabric is the article made up of? Is it breathable? These are some of the first questions that you should ask while buying clothes for your toddler. One should always check the list of items a piece of clothing is made of as the article may feel nice when you touch it, but it could contain materials that are harmful to your kid.

Clothes made up of cotton are highly advised by professionals as they are breathable, absorb sweat quickly, and are environmentally friendly. Other alternatives to cotton would include silk, linen, and bamboo as they are organic and have properties that are good for your child. It is advised to avoid clothing pieces made of nylon and polyester as they cannot absorb sweat and can cause skin irritation. 


This factor may sound very generic, but it is one of the most important ones to consider when buying clothes. No parents would want their kids to have tons of clothes that have to go to the dry cleaners for cleaning purposes. Easy-to-wash clothes that could be cleaned with just a spin in the washing machine are the ones that you should opt for. 

You can find the information about the cleaning process on the tags attached to the clothing item. If the piece requires too much care, you might want to look for some other article of clothes.


Imagine you bought a cute pair of onesies, only to find that it does not fit your toddler after three to four months. This is mainly because toddlers grow very fast. Plus, the diapers that they wear may make them a size or two bigger than they are. 

To buy a clothing piece that is appropriate in size and fits them for a longer period of time, it is necessary to go a size or two bigger than their original size. However, ensure that the clothing fits them snugly, as loose clothes can hinder their movements making them trip and fall.

Colors, Patterns, and Designs

Mixing and matching outfits not only makes dressing up exciting but is also easy on our pockets, as we can make several different outfits from a few pairs of clothes. So is the case for toddlers. Pairing up different types of clothes is not only sustainable but also fun for you and your child. However, compiling outfits can be difficult if the clothing pieces are too bright in color or patterns.

Choosing neutral colors and patterns will allow you to make several cute combinations of items of clothing as these colors will blend seamlessly with one another. Another thing that you should keep in mind while buying clothes for your toddler is the design of the articles. However, you should mostly emphasize the comfort of the piece of clothing rather than the aesthetics.

It is advised to buy articles of clothing that have zippers and straps on them as they are easy to fasten on and off. Turtlenecks are advised against as they are often quite difficult to put on due to their narrow head openings.

Buying clothes for your toddler is definitely not a walk in the park. However, it is also not as difficult as it sounds. If you know what to buy and take the materials, designs, and sizes into consideration, buying clothes for your toddler can be as fun as a merry-time ride.

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