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The Value Of Mobile-Friendly Betting Apps And Sites

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In today's advanced technological society, people use a variety of factors to decide who to do business with. Mobile accessibility is first on the list. Accessibility is not an exception for the worldwide iGaming sector as the number of online bettors increases. iGaming has made significant progress as an increasing number of bettors consider smartphone compatibility and accessibility in addition to the diversity of content and payment options. Due to their active lifestyles, more and more bettors use mobile devices for online betting. Because of the ease of access to the internet and mobile betting apps, approximately 55% of bettors now use their mobile devices to place online bets. Betting operators must therefore create mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites.

Also, in most developing countries around the world, mobile betting is the only way to play iGaming. Due to how cheap mobile phones are and how cheap it is to connect to the internet, it has become the most popular way to bet online. In Kenya, for instance, 88% of bettors use mobile devices to bet or play casino games.


Data from Uplatform shows that mobile betting is becoming more popular among players. The following data demonstrates that the market is booming, and mobile betting apps are one of the key factors for its phenomenal growth.

bar chart on mobile betting growth

According to the Gambling Commission, mobile phones were the most common method for youth under 35 to access online betting in 2020. With 56% of men and 44% of women betting online. The gender ratio of online bettors is approaching equality.

It is noteworthy that female bettors utilize mobile devices more frequently than male bettors. Bets are placed via mobile devices by about 55 percent of women.

App use on the rise

Native applications are being made as more businesses try to sell their services to mobile users. Bookmakers require more than a mobile-friendly website. The majority of sports bettors and casino game players now prefer mobile apps for their betting and gambling needs. In a time when it is challenging to hold people's attention, solid mobile apps with quick live streaming and mobile-optimized interfaces give players a pleasurable betting experience, hence contributing to increased revenues for operators.

As mentioned earlier, mobile accessibility is extremely necessary.

One of the most notable benefits of mobile gambling apps is the ability to provide a user-friendly, seamless, and entertaining gaming experience 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With high-quality apps, players can place secure bets online quickly from anywhere at any time without having to visit land-based casinos or betting shops.

It is important to offer players a variety of betting options. Notwithstanding, mobile versions of betting websites seem to be practical and effective for a variety of reasons, including more accessibility, better advertising, cheaper traffic, simpler maintenance, and compatibility with a larger variety of devices. However, mobile apps will continue to be a necessity. Here’s why:

Benefits for players


Sports betting applications allow players to enjoy a wider range of betting options 24/7. Only a good Internet connection is required for a pleasant betting experience. Smartphones allow players to access any betting site, regardless of time zone.

Minimal data Usage

Apps use less data than websites because they only download the content they need from web servers when needed, and they don't use any extra data. Mobile apps are preferable in some parts of Africa, and Latin America, where mobile data is expensive or internet connections are unreliable.

Effective Data Management

Apps take less time to load data because they store user data on local storage devices, whereas websites store data on a remote server. So, the speed at which websites can access data is determined by internet connectivity. As a result, mobile apps are advantageous in areas with poor or unpredictable internet connections.

User-Friendly Interface

In terms of interface, iGaming websites are frequently inferior to apps. Fitting them into a small screen is difficult. Thus, offering mobile Apps is essential for providing players with a great visual design that is convenient and stable, as well as providing players with a seamless navigation interface throughout each step of their betting journey. Because of their user interface, iGaming applications are also more suitable for beginners.


Almost all mobile betting apps released by the iGaming industry giants are entirely secure. These apps include cutting-edge security features and end-to-end encryption. There is no possibility that hackers will get into the personal information of bettors and cause them to lose money or data. Every user using Uplatform apps has the option to enable two-factor authentication. So if the player's password is compromised, they will be unable to log in unless they have a fingerprint or FaceID. The bettor can also choose whether to stay logged in or log out after their session.

Benefits for operators


Software providers are adding more security features to apps to stop fraud and make apps safer. Both operators and players benefit because mobile applications are less vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Slow or expensive internet solution

Since PCs are not widely available in regions such as Latin America or Africa, the majority of people access the internet via smartphones. Because apps use less data than websites, bettors have fewer engagement barriers. Therefore, regardless of infrastructure, having a mobile app for your project is critical if you want to be successful in such markets and other regions.

Higher retention

The player understands precisely what to do when an app is opened because of its clear, intuitive design. From seamless 1-click registration to advertisements and pop-up notifications, a bet-friendly design and user interface allows players to maintain their focus without interrupting or contemplating the navigation procedure. Using applications, players receive updates even when they are not betting, resulting in a higher retention rate and keeping players focused on making bets. User-friendly design and engagement techniques inevitably result in a positive player experience and increased retention rates.

Credibility and validity

To stay relevant in today's market, you must have a brand mobile app. When dealing with a brand, most customers' first action is to download their mobile app. Players regard brands that offer mobile apps as more credible, dependable, stable, and attentive to their customers, making them the preferable option.

Increased player coverage

Some users prefer a desktop version, others prefer a mobile version, and others like apps. To expand the number of registrants and active bettors, it is necessary to provide a variety of solutions to accommodate all preferences.

A new way to acquire and engage players

Betting through an app while watching a game is more convenient. Live betting currently generates 46% of sports betting GGR, demonstrating that it is one of the most popular activities among bettors. Mobile apps are essential for increasing live betting and serving as an additional channel for attracting and engaging players.


Various options are required for players to access your sports betting or casino website, and no version is more valuable than the others. You can reach a larger audience and attract more players if you provide access to all channels, including desktop, light desktop, mobile, apps, SMS, and Telegram.

Like a future without smartphones, a betting industry without them is inconceivable. Uplatform's full-featured and light betting websites assist all players and markets. Uplatform creates fast, customizable, safe, and user-friendly iGaming apps. Uplatform's mobile apps improve player UX with a clean, mobile-friendly design, offering a smooth mobile experience while keeping processes simple and safe.

Additionally, applications created for Uplatform clients can be personalized in various ways and include all the content, languages, and payment methods required. Once registered, they can use the same wallet across all channels. Players have never had it easier to register, make deposits, and get their money back, and they greatly enjoy how simple everything is.

Players are more likely to use casino or betting apps on their mobile devices, and gaming apps now have to compete for players' attention by being simple to navigate and easy to access. Mobile apps that are fast, easy to use, and reliable are doing very well. Since there are so many betting apps, so much competition exists. If you want to ensure that your gaming business remains dependable, pertinent, and profitable as it grows.

Then, use Uplatform's cutting-edge technology to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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