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13 Ways to Invest Your Money

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According to Gallup, 89% of American households with more than $100,000 in income own stocks. And it’s no mystery why! Investing is a great way to expand your horizons when it comes to the level of wealth you can accrue. 

Now, if you’re ready to explore investing but don’t know how, here are 13 simple yet effective strategies that you can use, starting from low-risk investment strategies and going all the way to the top with high-risk, high-reward game plans – we’ll cover everything in between!

Let’s get into it. 

Why Invest Your Money?


For starters, investing can help increase the amount of money you have available for retirement or other long-term goals. It’s a very important piece of your financial plan. By putting a portion of your paycheck into investments instead of spending it now, you provide yourself with more financial freedom down the road. 

Another great reason to invest is to diversify your portfolio and hedge against inflation. Investing in stocks, bonds, and other assets helps spread out the risk in case of a market downturn. In addition, inflation can erode your purchasing power over time if your money isn’t invested. By investing in an index fund or mutual fund, you can help preserve the value of your money against rising prices. 

Finally, investing is a great way to make more money on top of what you already have saved. Investing in the stock market allows you to benefit from price appreciation as well as dividends paid by certain companies. With some careful research and sound financial advice, it’s possible to create a portfolio that will generate a steady stream of income for many years to come. 

Low-Risk Investment Strategies


High Dividend Yields and Mutual Funds

High dividend yields are stocks that pay an investor a higher dividend rate relative to the market, often as a percentage of the stock price. Even when the stocks fluctuate, they can represent a steady income. They have professionally managed portfolios designed to generate returns over time.

Mutual funds are a type of investment vehicle that pools together the money of numerous investors to purchase a portfolio of securities. Mutual funds are managed by professional fund managers who decide which and how to manage investments. Mutual funds offer diversification as they typically invest in a range of different securities, reducing risk. 

Certificate of Deposit (CDs)

By committing your funds for a set period — ranging from three months up to five years — you will receive interest payments at the end of the term, often with higher rates than other types of savings accounts. CDs are an attractive choice for those looking to increase their wealth and build security in uncertain times.

Savings Bonds and Treasury Securities

U.S. Savings Bonds and Treasury Securities provide investors with a more secure option than stocks, so you can feel confident that your money is safe in their hands. Series EE Bonds offer the safety of guaranteed interest payments over time, while Series I Bond rates are adjusted for inflation on an ongoing basis to ensure maximum returns for those who invest in them. Investing in these government-backed options provides greater peace of mind – no matter what form it takes!

Treasury Securities come in various shapes and sizes, including the renowned T-Bills, T-Notes, and T-Bonds. These investments are known to offer higher yields than other forms of government securities as they have longer maturity periods. For example, you can get a handsome return from investing in short-term treasuries (T-bills) with maturities ranging from four weeks up to 12 months; whereas an investment into its long-term cousins – 2 to 10 years for the T-Notes or 20 to 30 years for the more substantial T Bonds – will definitely reward you with profitable interest rates!

Money Market Accounts

Money Market Accounts (MMAs) are a great choice for people who want an investment with low volatility that provides higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts and more liquidity. Typically, holders can access their money within one business day to benefit from the competitive yields these accounts offer. Many banks make MMAs available to customers seeking secure options in which to invest their funds.

MMA funds provide an ideal investment option for those starting due to their low minimum balance requirements and the ability to liquidate quickly. Such funds typically invest in short-term securities like Treasury bills or commercial paper, which can be easily sold off if needed.

Moderate-Risk Investment Strategies

moderate risk investment strategy

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

For investors eager to diversify their portfolios at a low cost, ETFs are a solid solution.  Exchange Traded Funds can be monitored and purchased or sold instantly on the stock exchange. Investing in ETFs provides exposure to a wide range of assets and markets. It also offers great flexibility since it can be traded like stocks throughout the day. This allows investors to take advantage of short-term market movements or invest for the long term without worrying about timing the market.

Stocks and Index Funds

Stocks and Index Funds are popular investment strategies that offer investors a comparatively low-risk way to gain exposure to the stock market. By investing in an index fund, investors can get broad market exposure with relatively low fees. Stocks, on the other hand, provide investors with more control over their investments since they can buy and sell individual securities as well as benefit from any potential price increases.

Index funds are designed to match the performance of specific indexes, providing investors with diversification across different stocks and eliminating the need for monitoring individual stocks. On the other hand, investing in stocks has the potential to produce higher returns than index funds if you manage to pick the right stocks at the right time, which requires greater research on your part and comes with greater risk due to its reliance on stock selection skills. If you’re interested in exploring stock trading, it will be essential to find a trading platform so make sure you do comparative research and choose the best platform before diving in.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) offers a low-risk way for investors to access the real estate market without actually having physical properties. REITs are publicly traded, professionally managed entities that focus on income-producing assets such as apartments, hotels, retail stores, and medical facilities. By diversifying investments among diverse markets and asset classes with REITs, investors can benefit from the consistent cash flow these holdings generate while still managing their risk levels.

Unlike other available real estate investment strategies, REITs offer a great opportunity to investors who want to capitalize on the returns of real estate investments without having to manage or cover day-to-day costs. Plus, since they are publicly traded companies, it is easy for interested parties to track their performance using metrics such as price/earnings ratios and dividend yields, just like any other stock market investment.

Options Trading

Options trading can be a lucrative path to substantial profits in the short term when done carefully and masterfully. This type of investment involves transactions of purchasing and selling options; contracts that authorize either buying (call option) or disposing of (put option) an asset at a prearranged price within a certain timeframe. Yet, it is important to understand that engaging in this kind of venture requires more than just luck—it demands comprehension of how markets operate as well as being knowledgeable about the terms associated with them for success without risks.

For those investors who comprehend the risks and understand how to leverage options, this strategy can prove highly profitable. By capitalizing on market volatility while using margin, they can potentially earn handsome returns quickly.

High-Risk Investment Strategies



Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that utilize cryptography to protect transactions and manage the generation of new units. Without relying on any centralized authority, these cryptocurrencies function through decentralized networks. Nonetheless, investing in cryptos is highly unpredictable – having a high potential for gains as well as losses due to its market’s extreme volatility.

Cryptocurrency values tend to both surge and plummet in the blink of an eye, but their potential returns are worth considering. What’s more, certain cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be perceived by some as equivalent to gold in terms of value retention – making them alluring long-term investments for individuals who wish to diversify away from traditional economic markets.

Commodities Trading

Commodity trading is a high-risk yet potentially lucrative strategy in the spot or futures markets. You can purchase and sell different commodities such as oil, gold, and agricultural commodities; however, prices of these goods tend to be extremely precarious due to alterations in supply and demand. For this reason, only experienced investors who comprehend the risks should take part in commodity trading so they can maximize their chances for success while mitigating risk exposure.

Commodities trading offers investors the potential for significant returns if done correctly, despite some risks. Additionally, commodities provide investors with an excellent alternative to more conventional investments like stocks and bonds; this enables them to diversify their portfolios while also lessening exposure to market volatility.

Angel Investing

An angel investor will provide capital to early-stage businesses in exchange for equity and normally uses their funds rather than venture capitalists who are funded by institutional investors. Angel investing can prove to be highly rewarding, potentially yielding higher returns than traditional investments. It should also be noted that although there is more risk associated with this form of investment, it could also result in considerable growth opportunities when executed successfully. If all goes as planned, angel investors can make a substantial amount of money when selling the businesses.

For investors looking to diversify and gain access to potentially lucrative businesses, angel investing can be an ideal choice. Not only do they benefit from a heightened risk appetite but also the opportunity to mentor these early-stage companies with wisdom that could help them soar!

Futures Contracts

A futures contract is a type of derivative instrument that allows investors to forecast price movements and secure fixed prices in advance for commodities or other financial instruments. These contracts can serve as hedges against market fluctuations, providing greater flexibility and control over investments. By leveraging these tailored agreements, savvy traders can capitalize on potential gains while mitigating potential losses.

With the futures markets ever-changing, investors must have a comprehensive understanding of how to optimally manage their positions to generate substantial returns and minimize potential losses. Additionally, since most futures contracts involve margin trading, these individuals must be certain that they have enough funds available for any possible losses.

The Top Ten Free Tools For Investing


1. Personal Capital Investment Checkup

By utilizing the Personal Capital Investment Checkup tool, investors can make informed decisions about their finances with ease and confidence. This free service provides users with insightful analyses of their portfolio performance and fees/expenses; Plus, managing investments across multiple accounts is as simple as ever! Even better – you can get personalized advice from experienced financial advisors who will help guide your path toward success.

2. Morningstar Investment Research Center

Morningstar Investment Research Center is a platform that provides investors with a suite of tools for informed decisions when it comes to their investments. Morningstar offers a variety of services, such as market analysis, portfolio management, portfolio backtesting, asset allocation advice, and much more. By using the vast amounts of data available on Morningstar’s site, investors can gain insight into a wide range of investments including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs.

3. Google Finance

Google Finance is a free financial information, news, and portfolio management service offered by Google. It helps investors keep track of stock prices, company news, and market trends quickly and easily. It also allows them to research stocks, funds, and other investments, view charts and create watchlists.

4. Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance is a must-have tool for anyone desiring to stay up-to-date on their investments. This go-to resource provides real-time market data, comprehensive research tools as well as up-to-date financial news.  Plus, Yahoo! Finance also offers portfolio tracking for receiving personalized tips from financial advisors.

5. Seeking Alpha Stock Analysis & Ratings

A great resource for investors searching for insightful stock ratings. It offers in-depth coverage of over 6,000 stocks from trustworthy sources like Morningstar and S&P Global. It also provides investors with the ability to set up watchlists and analyze stock performance over time.

6. The Motley Fool Stock Advisor Toolbox

The Toolbox offers a wealth of features suited to all types of investors. Newbies can enjoy educational material such as tutorials, articles, and helpful tips on stock investment decisions and portfolio management. Meanwhile, experienced traders are provided with intensive research tools that include live market data updates, and analysis reports on stocks & funds alongside exceptional insights from the professionals at The Motley Fool’s team!

7. TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim Platform

TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim platform is an all-in-one trading and investment platform crafted to help investors of all levels make smarter decisions. The platform also allows users to create customized watchlists, analyze stock performance over time, and access up-to-date financial news. Moreover, it provides a range of sophisticated analytics tools such as charting patterns, risk management analytics, and options pricing models that can be used to optimize investments.

8. eToro Social Trading

eToro Social Trading is an online platform that provides users with a comprehensive and interactive trading experience. It offers a variety of features, including real-time market data, up-to-date financial news as well as access to experienced traders from around the world who share their insights and strategies. With eToro Social Trading, users can make informed decisions about their investments and maximize returns on their portfolios.

9. TipRanks Smart Research Tool

By leveraging proprietary algorithms and data from millions of resources, such as renowned financial reports and analysts, this tool provides users with research insights into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and other assets. Thanks to the comprehensive information at their fingertips; customers have access to accurate data-driven analysis that assists them in customizing their portfolios for maximum returns.

10. Robinhood Investing App

Robinhood is a revolutionary investment app that lets users effortlessly manage stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies – all with no transaction fees! This modern platform provides an efficient and cost-effective way to start investing in the market. Robinhood also provides instantaneous deposits and withdrawals, plus real-time market data from Nasdaq.

Related Questions

related questions

How can I minimize my risks when investing?

To increase the chances of long-term success while minimizing risks, diversify your portfolio with a combination of asset classes, sectors, and international investments. Before you invest in anything, always ensure to conduct extensive research.

What is the best way to diversify my portfolio?

Ultimately diversifying your portfolio with a combination of asset classes, sectors, and international investments will give you the best chance at achieving long-term success with minimal risk exposure – something all investors should strive for!What is a stock tracker and why should I use one? 

A stock tracker is a tool that allows you to track the performance of stocks in real time. It can provide useful insights into your investments, such as which stocks have performed best over a certain period, helping you make more informed decisions when it comes to your investments. By using a stock tracker, you can more effectively monitor the progress of individual stocks and adjust your portfolio accordingly. 


Investing can be a tricky business, and it is important to stay informed about the markets. Do thorough research before investing and diversify your portfolio with multiple asset classes for maximum returns in the long run.

We hope that this article has helped provide an overview of some great resources available for investors today! If you found this blog post useful please share it with others who may benefit from its insights as well.

Happy investing!

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