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Is Running a Reseller Hosting Business Still Profitable in 2023?

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You can still turn a profit running a reseller hosting business in 2023. The exact figures depend on your prices, the type of plan, and your original hosting provider. Setting up this type of business starts with signing up with a trustworthy firm and selling to new or existing customers.

You must consider how much it will cost to set up a server before you get into hosting. This is one of the major differences between conventional and reseller hosting. On the plus side, resellers don’t need to be concerned with managing or setting up a server. This hosting type is an excellent income source for web designers, web developers, and other professionals in this field. 

How much can you make? 

Apart from the original provider, the amount you can make depends on your efforts to find clients. Your expenses and markup play a role too. To acquire customers, you need a user-friendly and visually appealing website. You also have to offer high-quality or unique services, such as 24/7 support. This may seem obvious, but if you plan to charge higher rates than your competitors, you must offer better-quality services. 

You’ll need to cover the following expenses:

  • Advertising and marketing.
  • Referral program expenses.
  • SEO costs.
  • Your theme.
  • The hosting plan you purchase.
  • Your domain name.
  • The content of your site. 

Now, on to some pertinent reasons why providing reseller hosting is still profitable. 

The Why 

The main reason some of the best reseller hosting providers make money is the possibility of running this business from anywhere, even the remotest of locations. Usually, people run it from home. 

You can work whenever you want, and you’re not tied down to a specific location because it’s not necessary to maintain a physical server. This saves a lot of money, including renting office space, travel and transport costs, etc. 


Providers of reseller hosting have an intuitive cPanel at their disposal, which includes automated billing integration. This makes sure you can manage your site and business effectively. You can adjust client accounts, create and change reseller ones, delete accounts, create customized and flexible hosting packages, etc.

Generating and processing invoices and accepting payments using billing integration software is easy.


As a reseller hosting provider, you offer an independent, white-label service. You can sell packages and plans under your own unique brand. Basically, the white label hides your link to your parent host. It’s easier to create a brand identity, which is a crucial step in any successful business venture. 

High market demand 

Demand for custom hosting is constantly increasing, particularly from newly established small and medium-sized enterprises and startups. This is because they need dedicated help and support. Leading hosting companies are rarely able to provide support on an individual level, a niche waiting to be filled by someone like you. 

Low startup costs  

Leading hosting providers have to pay a lot for server maintenance, management, and storage. In order to function optimally, their servers need lots of space and equipment. Reseller hosting providers, on the other hand, don’t have to invest in any infrastructure, hardware, or software. The parent hosts take care of all that. 

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The How 

So, how do you make money? It’s about getting clients as soon as possible. You can start with family and friends or reach out to people on social media. An added bonus of working with people you know is that they trust you and will be more inclined to leave positive reviews. 

Marketing and advertising are of paramount importance. Consider paid ads on search engines and social media and take care of keyword optimization. Interacting with customers personally is a good idea at the beginning because it will give your brand a personal touch. 

Once you get started with your first customers, you can start thinking about growth. Be ready with additional cPanel accounts and bandwidth to scale up or down as needed. Retain your current customers by adhering to agreed services and response times, taking responsibility for your mistakes, and being upfront about downtime.

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