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Human Resource Integrated Payroll – The Case for Consolidating HR Services

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One of the essential functions of a human resource department is managing payroll. What was once a complex, fractured part of HR is now far more manageable thanks to integrated payroll solutions.

As the workplace changes, fundamental aspects of HR need to evolve. Highly intuitive, personalized, integrated payroll services are one of the ways human resources is shifting to be more people-centric.

Understanding Human Resource Integrated Payroll

Consolidating HR into one easy-to-use platform makes day-to-day services like payroll exponentially easier. A centralized, digital HR network allows operators to create personalized profiles for every employee. Tracking hours, time off requests, salary changes, and benefits can all be managed seamlessly through a single dashboard.

Integrating HR and payroll ensures employee data isn’t fractured, giving managers a complete view of their personnel without having to source information from various places. Comprehensive digital HR solutions reduce the time it takes to run payroll, limiting errors and elevating the overall employee experience.

The Benefits of HR Integrated Payroll

Integrating payroll with other essential HR services while taking a people-centric approach inevitably leads to the following benefits:  

  • Reduces paperwork – Paychecks, direct deposit, and tax withholding forms are all digitalized, making onboarding and payroll management paperless.
  • Consolidates reporting – Combining HR and payroll provides a complete view of each employee beyond name and earnings. 
  • Ensures compliance – Operators can pull HR and payroll data from a single source for health care reporting, workplace safety, and other regulatory compliance agencies. 
  • Improves transparency – Employees have 24/7 access to essential payroll documents like pay stubs and tax forms. 
  • Seamless updates – Executing salary changes, health care benefits, and personnel changes are done in seconds. 

Advanced Payroll Features

Fully integrated payroll saves significant time because it is automatically connected to the HR ecosystem and is powered by advanced features, including:

  • Dynamic mobile paystubs
  • New hire onboarding sync
  • Automated time tracking
  • Bulk earnings uploading
  • Lifetime document access to former employees

Platforms like Zenefits leverages digital solutions to create fully integrated HR and payroll synchronism, saving time and keeping employees connected. Advanced features benefit the HR department and provide employees with transparency, so they aren’t ever left in the dark regarding their wages, withholdings, and benefits.

Payroll Integrations

Comprehensive HR solutions don’t just consolidate services like payroll; they are capable of integrating with other software platforms to further improve useability. Zenefits Payroll seamlessly integrates with tools businesses already use, like QuickBooks and Xero for accounting and Guideline and Copilot for 401k benefits.

Prioritize People with Zenefits Payroll

Digitalization can unite employees with their employers and HR departments when executed well. Comprehensive HR solutions with integrated payroll elevate the work-life balance by instilling confidence in employees. Payroll is exponentially simplified by providing advanced features, automated updates, and seamless integrations.

Zenefits People Ops platform is trusted by small businesses and major corporations because the solution empowers companies to prioritize their employees. Payroll is just one of the highly advanced services included in the comprehensive platform. Try Zenefits today to immediately improve the day-to-day lives of your employees and HR managers.

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