8 Popular Cities To Retire On $3000 Per Month

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Choosing the perfect place to retire is not an easy choice at all. The cost of living is certainly among the first things you are considering while making this choice. However, you need to consider other important aspects, such as security, amenities, and the overall livability of the city.

To make things easy for you, we have made a shortlist of the best and most popular 8 places to retire on $3000 in the United States. Here, we will discuss about cities with affordable housing facilities, reasonable cost of living, and a magnificent quality of life. So, without further delay, let’s find the perfect destination for your retired life!

8 Popular Cities To Retire On $3000 per Month

Average Retirement Income

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The picture we have above, makes it easier to realize how insignificant retirement income can be. As retirees mostly need to depend on their savings in their retired life, we have shortlisted some of the places that are highly affordable and livable at the same time. In this part of our article, let’s go through our shortlist of the 8 best cities to retire on $3000 per month:

Boise, ID

Monthly Expenses: $2,199

Livability Score: 81

We are starting off our list with the largest city in Idaho. Boise has a livability score of 81. More good news for you – Boise is one of the safest U.S. cities in our shortlist! 

In Boise, the monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is high at $1420. However, except for rent, the city is highly affordable. For example, groceries in this city are very affordable at an average of $386.30. 

Retirees have plenty to do in Boise. You will get golf courses in almost every town, and lovely restaurants to have some great food and quality time. You can enjoy the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, visit the beautiful botanical gardens, or roam around the gorgeous art museum when you are in a mood.

Arlington, TX

Monthly expenses: $1,863

Livability Score: 77

With a high livability score of 77, Arlington is considered one of the best cities to retire in Texas. The city is highly family-friendly, and retirees get easy access to all the amenities that they would require.

The cost of living in Arlington is lower than what you find in most part of the country. The monthly expenses of living in Arlington is only $1,863. In Arlington, the housing costs, healthcare, groceries, and transportation costs are much lower compared to the national average. In a sentence, Arlington offers the best amenities affordably in a peaceful and serene location!

Reno, NV

Monthly Expenses: $2,108
Livability Score: 80

When you are looking for a place with small-town charm but not ready to sacrifice the big-city amenities, then Reno can be your perfect destination. Reno is indeed one of the most popular cities in Northern Nevada.

The monthly expense of Reno is quite affordable at $2,108. Healthcare cost is a little lower here at $397, while grocery is a bit expensive at $421.

With a livability score of 80, Reno offers you an excellent life and an active lifestyle too. Here, you have access many family-friendly activities as well as nightlife entertainment. You can enjoy a diverse range of outdoor activities here, including golfin, skiing, and hanging out on the Lake Tahoe.

Tucson, AZ

Monthly Expenses: $1,585

Livability Score: 73

When you are looking for a city with low healthcare costs, Tucson appears to be a perfect option. It has a very low healthcare cost of $351.60. This is why it is a popular retirement destination and more than 20% of its population is at the age of 65 or more. 

Tucson is well-admired for its favorable weather, mind-blowing scenic beauty, and elegant cultural heritage. Here you have a thriving arts scene, a diverse range of food options, and many outdoor recreation opportunities. With a livability score of 73, Tucson indeed is a place worth living in!

Pittsburgh, PA

Monthly Expenses: $1,966

Livability Score: 71

Pittsburgh was an industry hub in the past, but currently, it is known as a growing metropolis with various affordable housing alternatives. It is a highly desirable location for people on a limited budget as its cost of living is 8% lower compared to the national average.

With a low monthly expense of $1,966, Pittsburgh offers you diverse choices of affordable cultural events and activities. The healthcare options are also reasonable here. The livability score is 71, which indicates that you can expect a high standard of living in Pittsburgh!

People who are concerned about living a healthy lifestyle should keep Pittsburgh on top of the priority list. The community is very walkable and bikeable. You will get a lot of doctors, and the air quality itself is much better than most other cities in the United States. Three seasons of comfortable weather make it even more enjoyable to live in Pittsburgh. In a sentence, Pittsburgh is one of the healthiest choices that you can possibly make when choosing your retirement destination!

Middletown, CT

Monthly expenditures: $2,517

Livability score: 83

This city from Connecticut offers its residents a dense suburban feeling. Middletown shows excellent housing affordability with the rent for average one-bedroom homes at $1,231. Groceries are affordable here too, you can expect to do your monthly groceries at an average of $369. Overall, all your monthly expenditures should be done at $2,517. 

Wondering why Middletown is so special? Well, it has a high livability score of 83! This Connecticut city is home to the famous Wesleyan University. Also, here you can find a diverse range of mouth-watering cuisine, beautiful state parks, jaw-dropping museums, and amazing historic attractions. The amenities and beauty of the city will make you understand why it has such high livability score!

Greenville, SC

Monthly expenditures: $2,155Livability score: 79

This South Carolina city comes with affordable rents as well as a great standard of living. It has much lower housing costs and transportation costs if you compare it to cities like Atlanta and Asheville.

Greenville has recently been recognized by Yahoo as one of the coolest cities with the cheapest cost of living in the United States. The livability score of Greenville is 79, which shows why the city is worth living in!

For retirees who are still interested to be out and about, Greenville can be a wise destination to go for. Thanks to the strong cultural background, enriched arts and entertainment scene, fantastic food, mild weather, and low cost of living, Greenville is a prime choice for active retirees.

Columbus, OH

Monthly expenses: $1,680

Livability Score: 79

Columbus is not only one of the best cities to live in Ohio but also it boasts one of the lowest total costs of living. The prices for homes and apartments are also affordable here. Indeed, it has its place among the top 10 cheapest cities in the U.S. With a monthly expense of only $1,680, Columbus has lower costs than the national average in areas including housing costs, product costs, utility costs, and overall cost of living. The healthcare expenses are also quite low here at an average of $373.61.

Despite being so affordable, Columbus offers you an excellent life and has a high livability score of 79. The city has refreshing greenery, mind-blowing architectural excellence, a rich cultural background, and a sparkling metropolitan vibe. 

Retirement is an important chapter of our life. We work all our lives to ensure some relaxation and to lead a happy life at the end of our work life. So, a retired life should be a life with excellent food, great adventures, and a relaxing lifestyle! The cities we have shortlisted in this article, offer all that at an affordable and reasonable cost. We hope that from our shortlist, you will easily find the perfect retirement oasis!

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