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How to Create Business Card Advertisements

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The first business card ever to come out was in 15th-century China, but it was only the beginning of what changed the world of business. Business cards became popular in the late 17th and early 18th century when companies started to use cards to advertise their services.

Since then, business cards have become crucial in the world of business. Over the years, it seems like business cards haven’t advanced. They include all the necessary information like the type of business, industry, contact, and other information.

However, since you are already giving away your business cards, why not use the space to advertise your business, build some brand awareness, and spread a message?

Gone are the days when business cards only contain boring information, and the receivers will probably lose them if they consider them unimportant.  However, there are ways to make your business cards more exciting and add an advertisement space that will promote your business. Search for business card templates as a source of inspiration to create your business card designs. 

Business Card Marketing Strategy

Everything is going digital and we even have virtual Visa cards now (you can find out more here). We can pay for social media campaigns without having a physical card, running a business card campaign might not make that much sense.

However, there is no denying that this age-old strategy can bring you new clients.

To have a successful marketing strategy using business cards, there are a few things you need to pay attention to, such as:

Describe the Services You Provide

Make sure your business card not only identifies you and provides contact information, but also describes what you do. Ideally, your title or business name conveys something about the services you provide. Add a few words to describe what you do if they don’t. In any case, describe what it is about you that sets you apart. 

Make sure your header or tagline highlights your “secret sauce” for the world to see. What benefits and unique services do you offer?

  • “Free delivery, fresh tomatoes”
  • “Weakly imperfect evening and weekend appointments”
  • “Trained specialists who visit you”
  • “Winner of the Best of [Your Town] Award”
  • “Events that are perfect for every occasion”

Include a Thought-Provoking Call to Action

Provide space on your business cards with compelling reasons for potential customers to contact you or stop by, like:

  • “This card is good for a free consultation valued at $50.00!”
  • “Check out the latest specials at”
  • “Only at this location are exclusive titles available.”
  • “This year, learn to read quickly and gain 87 hours.”

If this strategy doesn’t work for your organization or role, or if you feel it sounds overly commercial, you may substitute a thought-provoking or funny quotation or statistic.

Choose an item that conveys your interest in the receiver, captures their attention about you and your gift, and shows them how much you value what you do.

Maintain Professionalism

Obtain business cards of a high caliber and show respect for both your organization and yourself. Of course, you may try printing them with your laser printer or use a cheap printer. You get what you spend money on. 

Moreover, if it appears that you lack the funds to produce elegant full-color business cards, your clients will wonder if they should trust you with their business.

Be mindful of the details. Bad taste is left by cheap paper, store-bought graphics, and misspelled words. Investing in basic branding to demonstrate your legitimacy is crucial, as is having a firm logo and email address. There are many benefits to a high-quality business card, so make yours aesthetically beautiful and easy to read by utilizing color, graphics, and fundamental design concepts. 

Boost Usefulness and Content Usability

Unless you wish to utilize business magnets, you are not restricted to using the front of your business cards. Why not use the back to display additional information that you would like people to know, like your store’s tiny map of office hours or client list? Making a tiny brochure out of a folded business card is an additional choice.

Remember that business cards are frequently written on, so it’s usually a good idea to leave some empty space on the back.

The use of business cards is not about to decline. Put a little time and effort into making these bantam business boosters work for you to get the most out of them.

Distribute Them at the Right Places

It is not only about handing out business cards, it is more about handing out business cards to the right people. You can hand out 1000 business cards to an audience that isn’t very interested in your services and has lower conversion rates than giving away 10 business cards to people who might need your services.

So, think strategically. What are the places that your potential customers go to, and how to identify your target audience? We all know the importance of networking and choosing the perfect events, conferences, and summits where you might find potential customers is the perfect opportunity for you to hand out business cards. 

Also, don’t be afraid to go public. There are many different places where you can pin your business cards to a board.

Final Words

Creating the perfect business card advertising campaign it all comes down to the type of business and services that you offer. However, all business cards run on the same principle.

Their intention is to grab the attention of whoever received the card, and they should be designed to do that. You can get a lot of clients with a business card advertising strategy, all you need to do is come up with the perfect design and make sure that the message is clear and understandable.

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