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How the iGaming Industry Deals with Cybersecurity Threats

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Cybersecurity of some of the largest corporations in the world is only as strong as their weakest line of code. Personal, financial, and confidential data are all protected behind sophisticated firewalls, protocols, and security measures, but malicious hackers will still try to breach them. The iGaming industry is not an exception but is set up to be the industry standard when it comes to protecting its and the data of its players.

1. The SIEM protocol

The various lockdowns of a few years ago brought plenty of ground-shifting changes to the world. One of them was the change of our work environment to fully remote or hybrid. SIEM protocol stands for security information and event management, meaning that the entire infrastructure of one organization is protected at all conceivable data entry points. In practical terms, regardless of where your servers are, where each of your employees works, or where any part of your iGaming business is, cybersecurity protocols must equally protect them all.

As suggested by gambling expert Sam Barnard, plenty of NZ online casinos remain safe and prioritize their customer data safety. For any iGaming firm, their entire reputation is on the line, so data breaches are not allowed. Building trust with their customers by providing perfect data and cyber protection, and ensuring the confidentiality of their data is how some of the best online casinos thrive on the market.

2. Regular safety testing

The entire cybersecurity chain can collapse from a single breach. If we look at the history of cybersecurity, we’ll find drastic changes, even if we compare the previous year to the current. Cybersecurity evolves to stay one step ahead of any potential hackers, who are relentless. This is exactly why iGaming companies conduct regular and scrutinous testing of their cybersecurity measures. With the rise and advance of technology, even AI helps to battle cybersecurity threats, as it can conduct a staggering amount of tests, do far better detection and simulation of possible weak points and scenarios, and even suggest improvements.

3. Ethical hackers

Trying to think like a potential hacker is difficult for cybersecurity officers. Getting into the minds of those who wish to breach your hard-built security measures is a form of reverse engineering that most security experts fail to master. That is precisely why ethical hackers exist as a form of security outsourcing program. Ethical hackers apply the same methods and techniques regular hackers do, but with permission and under contractual obligation. Ethical hackers thus reveal the flaws and weaknesses of cybersecurity measures without compromising the data and help build more robust and resilient systems.

4. Fundamental defense

The basics of cybersecurity for casino sites remain API protection or WAAP, privately hosted networks, and enterprise DDoS. These measures represent the foundation of cybersecurity, and investing in them should always be a priority. Privately hosted networks ensure that all circulating data remains within set parameters and you have a fixed number of entry points. Such a local virtual environment is easier to control and monitor, allowing iGaming companies control over their servers and traffic. DDoS attacks can crash servers and disrupt service, hampering seamless gameplay and enjoyment of end users.

Implementing DDoS protections and working on software and protocols to detect early DDoS signs will keep servers at their optimal capacity. The damage caused by the disruption of service can repeat until the breach is located and countermeasures are in place, which is incredibly difficult and time consuming to do in real-time, so thinking ahead saves precious time and money. Lastly, API from iGaming companies can be used by anyone, which is great, but allows potential attackers to misuse it. WAAP (Web Application and API Protection) ensures API stays safe and that the iGaming companies’ web application remains operational.

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