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InboxDollars Review: Are Online Paid Surveys Worth It?

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Let’s admit it. You have probably been bombarded with advertisements that claim you could make money off taking surveys online, reading emails, playing games, watching videos or even signing-up for free trials. You probably thought they were sketchy at first glance. But in the back of your mind you probably wondered, are online paid surveys like InboxDollars actually legit? I am writing this review on InboxDollars to help share my own personal experience with the online paid survey industry and my overall insight on them on a consumer level. I hope this post debunks some myths or concerns you may have about paid survey sites in general.

Are online paid surveys worth it?

By all means if you currently believe you can get rich quick or make a living off of online paid surveys, you will absolutely be devastated to hear that you have been deceived. Like all things in life, if it is too good to be true it probably is. But do not fear. Not all online paid survey sites are scams. There are actually some legitimate paid survey companies that actually do pay. 

How paid survey sites works is that companies are interested in conducting small study groups for market research and are willing to pay consumers to take these surveys in return for the consumer data. It is much more costly for a company to launch a failed product that the market does not want than to pay a couple of survey takers to gauge the interest level. But to answer your question, no you won’t get rich quick taking paid surveys but there are indeed several legitimate paid survey sites that actually do compensate for your time. You have to lower your expectations and just be realistic. Online paid surveys are probably not worth your time. However, if you still want to give paid surveys a go and have an open mind, you might even enjoy it.

My InboxDollars review

Before I begin my review, I want to state that InboxDollars is an actual legitimate paid survey site that pays their customers. InboxDollars boasts that they have compensated more than 50 million dollars to their users. How reasonable InboxDollars compensates may be a subjective discussion to have for another day. I would not be writing a review on a company that is not legitimate so rest assured, you will get paid. How much you value your time will determine if online paid survey sites like InboxDollars are worthwhile or not. Upon signing up for InboxDollars, I was given a free $5 bonus just for registering

InboxDollars actually does not bombard your inbox compared to other paid survey sites, but I still highly recommend using a throwaway email in case. The first thing I was tasked to do was answer a couple of questions so the company could curate better paid survey opportunities to offer me. From my personal experience, the more information you provide in your profile, the more likely you are to get more potential earning opportunities.

Upon navigating through the site for the first time, I was shocked to find that there were a number of different ways to reach that payout threshold of $30. You have the option to earn points typically through paid surveys, or you can earn by watching videos, signing up for free trials, or by surfing the web among other avenues. An example of an offer you may see on the platform if you match is a 9-minute survey for $0.30.

The compensation varies depending on the duration of the estimated survey time, sponsors, and categories. But to give you a rough ballpark of how much I made within playing with the site for about 6 hours in total, I have accumulated about $10 (including the $5 sign-up bonus). I highly recommend to pick opportunities wisely if you would like the best payout per time invested. For example, I managed to reach $10 by agreeing to only do surveys that match with my profile if it exceeded a certain price point to increase efficiency and return on my time invested. However, it goes without saying that online paid surveys like InboxDollars are only worth your time if you would just like to pass the time or actually enjoy taking surveys.

I highly recommend individuals that do decide that they want to give paid survey sites a try to just go with a open mind and ignore your earnings. You will enjoy your time much better.

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