ZipRecruiter Review: How Does ZipRecruiter Stack Up in 2022

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ZipRecruiter, a job portal many consider a one-click solution to job applying is much more than what meets the eye. Over the years, the job portal has redefined streamlining job applications for job seekers and built a robust suite of tools for businesses to quickly find qualified candidates. There are many business needs that come with the hiring process such as, sourcing, recruiting, screening, and more. By having these tools to address business needs, precious company resources and time will be saved, ultimately saving the company money down the line.

What is ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter is an online marketplace for employers and job seekers to help them match and connect with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered smart matching technology. The technology effectively cuts down precious recruiting time and resources to help employers vet for qualified candidates and facilitate matches in a quicker manner.

ZipRecruiter has various offices around the world such as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Isreal, with a team of over 700 employees. ZipRecruiter’s headquarter is based in Santa Monica, California.

Since 2010, ZipRecruiter has helped over 1.8 million businesses find qualified candidates and is consistently rated #1 by employers in the United States. A rare statistic that gets passed around among the job board is that 80% of employers who post a job on ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day. There is a reason why ZipRecruiter is top of mind for many employers today.

For the job seeker

ZipRecruiter is much more than a single click application for job seekers. Over the years, ZipRecruiter has helped 25 million active job seekers come to their site monthly. Every day, about 9 million new job postings are added to the job board’s already robust and active community.

How to get started with ZipRecruiter video tutorial

How does ZipRecruiter stack up?

ZipRecruiter offers many features like alerts, personal feeds, customizations, and notifications to help curate a better experience for job seekers. This enables job seekers the ability to “see what is out there” without having to do much additional research. Setting email or phone alerts is as simple as a set and forget for key terms to keep your industry on your radar.


  • curated feeds for personalized feeds
  • customizations
  • notifications
  • alerts
  • all-in-one dashboard

ZipRecruiter Pricing

ZipRecruiter as software operates as a software as a service (SaaS) product offering different pricing tiers mainly targeted at small business owners and enterprise customers. The price for job seekers will always be free, however, so don’t let the free trial for business tools from ZipRecruiter confuse you on the pricing. Job seekers can find relevant job postings completely free of charge.

How does ZipRecruiter Enterprise work?

Enterprise companies are looking for all-in-one solutions that address their business needs. How ZipRecruiter Enterprise works are that the suite of tools helps small business owners and Fortune 500 companies to source, vet, and screen potential candidates at scale. ZipRecruiter’s tools enables the use of effective hiring strategies at scale without many manual processes for a more streamlined, organized, and facilitated hiring approach.

But for those who like the manual approach of posting a job on ZipRecruiter, the option is always there as well. Again, ZipRecruiter offers you multiple options and the rest is up to you at your disposal.

How do I post a job on ZipRecruiter?

For those business owners who prefer the manual approach of listing a job posting, the process is always there as well if a potential employers likes the hands on approach and having more control of their listing on a micro level.

  1. Go to ZipRecruiter
  2. Click on “Post a job”
  3. Select the number of employees and click on the button labeled, “Post Jobs for Free”
  4. Enter your company information in the required fields for the job posting
  5. Enter information about your job and company to attract more job seekers
  6. Choose a package
  7. Enter your credit card information
  8. Click on “Post My Job Now”


ZipRecruiter offers every target audience a set of tools for their needs. Whether it be the job seeker actively looking for their next dream job, recruiter looking to source additional candidates through the ZipRecruiter dashboard, or an employer looking to scale their team, ZipRecruiter has an intuitive and complex set of tools to help their sourcing and hiring needs. ZipRecruiter offers Enterprise companies and small business owners a 4-day free trial so you are able to assess your business needs before you commit to find a fit.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. How long is a ZipRecruiter free trial?

    The free trial is four days.

  2. Does ZipRecruiter cost money to try out?

    ZipRecruiter does not cost money to try out, but after the free trial ends you will be enrolled in the plan you previously checked out upon registration

  3. How does ZipRecruiter make money?

    ZipRecruiter is free of charge for job seekers. For employers, however, ZipRecruiter charges them based on how many job postings, the number of users they use, and other features they may have access to.

  4. Does ZipRecruiter aggregate job postings to multiple jobs posting sites?

    Yes. ZipRecruiter automatically aggregates job postings to multiple job boards once an employer posts a new job on the ZipRecruiter marketplace. There is no additional steps or actions the employer has to do. The aggregation of job postings to multiple job boards will be done automatically.

  5. What additional job boards does ZipRecruiter aggregate job postings to besides their own ZipRecruiter marketplace?

    ZipRecruiter posts to a number of various populate job portals such as, Patch, Topix, Yakaz, Trovit, JustJobs, Adzuna, CareerJet, Jobsler, Mitula, JobDash, and Jobsra.

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