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Postmates vs Uber Eats vs DoorDash vs Grubhub: Best Driver Pay & Safety in 2022

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With the introduction of food delivery apps, just about any car driver can become eligible to become part of the economy gig network of food deliverers and make extra income. However, there are definitely a lot of food delivery companies to choose from such as Postmates, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. Thankfully, we have broken down which food delivery company is the best ranked per criteria, such as user-friendliness, safety, best driver pay at your convenience with real-world examples to reference from.

The question you may be asking yourself is which pays the best driver pay in 2021? And which company prioritizes driver safety first and foremost?

Nonetheless, this blog post today hopes to address which food delivery app is best for each ranking category between popular food delivery apps such as, Postmates, Uber Eats, Doordash, and Grubhub.

Food delivery app with the best safety features & driver pay in 2021

Uber Eats. I constantly rave about Uber Eat’s app not only because of the safety features, but the company is transparent with its drivers, especially with the aftermath and passing of Prop 22.

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Benefits of Prop 22 for Uber Eats Drivers

  • Car accidental insurance coverage for active drivers on the road
  • Free PPE to active drivers
  • 0.30$ reimbursement to the driver per mile
  • Local minimum wage guarantee, adjusted each week before payout
  • Rewards and perks for drivers to pursue higher education while working Uber
  • Free $1,227.54 healthcare stipend for healthcare coverage for active drivers

Uber makes it very clear and upfront with drivers what it takes to get the additional healthcare stipend when relying on Uber Eats for healthcare coverage. It requires 192 active hours in a quarter to get a $620 stipend. Whereas, it requires 321 active hours for the full amount of $1,227.54 to pay for healthcare benefits.

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Why Uber safety features is a tier above its competitors

The Uber Driver app is simply a driver’s dream app in terms of taking into consideration the driver experience from a design, UX/UI experience. The interface is simplistic, but at the same time not overly minimalistic nor overbearing with information to confuse the driver on the road.

Automatic dark mode in evenings

The driver experience is seamless. When it is day time, it is in light mode and automatically switches to dark mode when it becomes evening. Simple touches to the design like that help drivers focus on the road and not having to multitask while driving, which promotes safety. Simply put, multitasking on the road is dangerous and is asking for trouble long-term.

Uber Driver app made with the driver in mind

Competing driver apps like DoorDash requires users to actively interact with the app like for example declining a bundled order with driver feedback on why an order is declined to resume, which can be dangerous for a driver. In other words, you can tell Uber has used its own driver app to make the driver experience seamless while prioritizing driver safety first.

What I appreciate the most out of the Uber Eats Driver app is that when a bundled order pops up or a new order comes in while being online, hitting the decline or accept button is as simple as a single tap. No additional questions on why you declined to resume, just so drivers can focus their eyes on the road.

The app does a good job in making sure the buttons to accept or decline are big enough too so when drivers are on the road, they have enough time (60 seconds) to accept or decline when there is a pit stop during a stop sign or stoplight. Seamless experiences like these help me appreciate how much thought went into prioritizing safety for Uber drivers over other competing apps like DoorDash, Postmates, or Grubhub.

Uber allows you to notify family in case of an emergency

Uber enables close friends and family members to see when the driver is on the road and to automatically notify them in case of an emergency. Emergency contacts are a tap away when using the Uber Driver app.

Uber Driver app has its own in-app GPS navigation

Who knew that when delivering food you have to be a pro between switching from Google Maps or Waze and the food delivery app. Thankfully for Uber, the company developed their own mapping and GPS navigation system that is fairly accurate in order to keep drivers safety on the road and not have to multitask and switch between apps unlike the competition.

In other words, by having everything automatically populate through the one Uber Driver app, again, the driver can just focus on the road and not have to juggle multiple apps while driving. Again, safety first mentality.

How much can I make delivering for Uber Eats: $25/hour.

Realistically, you can make anywhere between $15-$30 per hour depending on the region and promotions. What is great about Uber is that they are generous with offering promotions so somethings there may be days where they double your base pay with a multiplier bonus system.

For example, if you lived in Albany, NY and there is a bonus pay multiplier of 2x. If you normally make $5 base pay, the multiplier will automatically adjust to paying out $10 for that same order. Uber offers enough promotions consistently to be able to incentive drivers to work more hours, while getting paid anywhere upwards of $25-$30 an hour, especially with tips 100% going to the driver. Read more on how to prepare for your first Uber Eats delivery for first-time drivers.

Final thoughts

Uber Eats is simply a notch above its competitors like DoorDash, Postmates, and Grubhub in leading the charge for safety and pay in 2021.

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