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Doordash vs Grubhub vs UberEats vs Postmates: Which Pays?

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Food delivery apps like Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates, and UberEats all make food delivery an interesting avenue of income during these COVID-19 times, especially with the enforced social distancing rules.

Food delivery has become a very hot topic, especially during these post-COVID-19 times when most households are afraid of going out in public without a mask or social distancing for even basic essentials like groceries or takeout. But the fact of the matter is that bills still have to be paid and you may be entertaining the idea of picking up a side gig of becoming a Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates or perhaps, UberEats driver for extra income with of course a mask to protect yourself from coronavirus infection.

Demand for food delivery is high in most cities due to there being a limited amount of drivers and the reopening of the economy. Because of COVID-19, there is even an option to leave the food outside, which makes completing back-to-back food delivery orders much more efficient. Most households who order food delivery currently during the lockdown are afraid of person-to-person interaction so most food orders are to leave on the customer’s doorway entrance.

What does that mean for you as a potential food delivery driver?

More tip due to COVID-19 health concerns and quicker turnaround for each completed delivery due to doorway dropoff. I would argue that working a food delivery gig currently, may even net you $20/hour during certain times of the day or even more. Check out our guide on how to prepare for your first DoorDash order.

How much do Doordash drivers get paid?

Doordash drivers get paid on average $12/hour according to Glassdoor on average. After commission, bonus, and tips, this averages to about $26,000/year. Apply to become a driver here.

Doordash drivers get paid on a monthly basis for all food delivery orders completed between Monday – Sunday in the prior week. Direct deposit takes about 2-3 days to process and will be routed into your bank account.

How much do Grubhub drivers get paid?

Grubhub drivers get paid on average $12/hour according to Glassdoor on average. After commission, bonus, and tips, this averages to about $26,000/year. Apply to become a driver here.

How much do UberEats drivers get paid?

UberEats drivers get paid on average $12/hour on average after completing a couple of shifts. Each city is subject to their own pay rates. Apply to become a driver here.

How much do Postmates drivers get paid?

Postmates drivers get paid on average $11/hour according to Glassdoor on average. After commission, bonus, and tips, this averages to about $26,000/year. Apply to become a driver here.

Which company pays more money?

Uber Eats. Due to the nature of Uber Eats having frequent referral sign-up bonus promotions, peak pay, on top of regular incentives, UberEats edges out other competitors in the food delivery space. Uber Eats simply pays more when it comes to volume, flexibility, time, and efficiency.

How to increase your tip money

There are methods of increasing your payout. Depending on the level of customer service you provide, you may increase the amount of tip money you earn. Optimize for tips by effectively communicating with customers, use your hot bag, and have a quick turnaround.

Moreover, if the food delivery app you are using has peak hours, schedule yourself around those hours to get a higher base pay rate. Happy delivering!

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  1. Michael Savosky Reply

    I started Dashing three weeks ago. Doordash pays me WEEKLY. Fees and tips earned Monday-Sunday are paid on the Monday following that Sunday, and I see it deposit ACH in my bank on Tuesday. There’s an option to be paid DAILY too, however DoorDash charges a $1.95 fee per deposit for that option.

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