$1,000 Altcoin Challenge of 2022 (14+ Hand-picked Crypto) Tracker

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Cryptocurrency again made its way into the center of media attention in 2021 with popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum hitting all-time highs of $40,000+ and $1,300, respectively, completely blowing past their previous all-time highs ($19,783 for Bitcoin in 2017).

The state of crypto feels very similar to when crypto was first made popular and mainstream in 2017. Almost deja vu like. And as you may know, the fear of missing out (FOMO) for crypto was real among investors on the first wave, so you definitely don’t want to miss out again when things pick up steam again on the second wave.

Now, the question remains, where is the love for promising altcoins and other project initiatives that may be the “next” Bitcoin or cryptocurrency with potential for promising returns?

Introducing The $1,000 Altcoin Challenge

I’ve always been fascinated with altcoins and contrary to many crypto investor’s advice of not playing altcoins due to their huge fluctuations and potential price manipulation due to limited volume, I still think there are some golden nuggets still within the altcoin community that deserves some love and some projects are on to something. In this $1,000 altcoin challenge, I will break down why I selected each individual altcoin and will allocate about $71.42 per altcoin in the altcoin portfolio tracker (updated in real-time) displayed below.

In the coming days, I will blog more depth about why I selected these 14 altcoins in a more comprehensive blog post review for each altcoin so stay tuned. This post will ultimately link to the individual altcoin reviews as I continue to write about my methodology in selecting these 14 altcoins that I believe are promising.

TLDR: Portfolio summary

  • Initial deposit: $1,000
  • Invested per altcoin: $71.42
  • Cryptocurrency exchange: Binance
  • Number of altcoins: 14
  • Holding duration: at least 1 year
  • Starting date: 1/14/2021
AltcoinIntial DepositIn-depth Review
Waves (WAVES)$71.42Coming soon
Cardano (ADA)$71.42Coming soon
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)$71.42Coming soon
Stellar (XLM)$71.42Coming soon
EOS (EOS)$71.42Coming soon
VeChain (VET)$71.42Coming soon
NEO (NEO)$71.42Coming soon
VeChain (VET)$71.42Coming soon
Maker (MKR)$71.42Coming soon
Dogecoin (DOGE)$71.42Coming soon
Ethereum Classic (ETC)$71.42Coming soon
Waves (WAVES)$71.42Coming soon
Nano (NANO)$71.42Coming soon
0x (ZRX)$71.42Coming soon
Basic Attention Token (BAT)$71.42Coming soon

Final thoughts / sharing is caring

Hopefully, this post ages well within 1 or 2 years because anything can happen with the price velocity of cryptocurrency, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. The $1,000 altcoin challenge is mainly for entertainment value and for experimenting. If you enjoyed the project, please remember to share with social media like Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag, #1000altcoinchallenge. Greatly appreciated.

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