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For those familiar with the cryptocurrency space, there is new crypto in town called Bee Network coins that is in its early stages. Bee Network is a phone-based digital currency is which you can use to purchase goods and services. BEE coins can only be mined through mobile phones.

To join the exclusive network and start mining for BEE coins with your mobile phone whenever, on the go, it is on an invite, referral basis only.

Best Bee Network referral code for the highest mining bonus

The bigger your “team” of referred miners, the bigger your mining bonus is, so be sure to use the referral code fangwallet (must be all lowercase) to get the biggest mining bonus when participating in the mining of BEE coins with your mobile phone.

What is Bee Network? What is the craze about?

Only recently have the Bee Network hit 1 million new users. The network has been growing at a very fast pace, and as it grows, it will be harder to mine BEE coins. Thus, it is encouraged for those who read the whitepaper and want to become an early adopter of the Bee network to join as early as possible so coins are easier to mine. As there are more users who mine, the coins become exponentially harder. Think Bitcoin, but mining for only mobile phones, which the coins can be used within games, services, and exchanges for services/goods like another cryptocurrency like Dogecoin.

For context, Bitcoin in the early days was a very similar concept to BEE coins in terms of mining, and Bitcoin was once valued in decimal points. Now, Bitcoin is valued at over $37,000. The Bee Network has a lot of progress to go, but the large growing user base is definitely promising. “Don’t expect a lottery ticket overnight,” the website likes to say, rather expect the coins to gain an appraised marketplace value in year 2022 when BEE coins get listed on popular cryptocurrency exchanges according to its company roadmap.

How to buy BEE Network coins?

Currently, there is no way to buy BEE coins. The only way to obtain BEE coins in its early adopting phase is to mine for BEE coins. In order to get a bigger piece of the pie, you must mine using your phone via the Bee Network iOS or Android app.

There are 2 ways to earn more BEE coins, effectively.

  1. Joining the largest team of miners by using a popular referral code like fangwallet, to improve your return on mining (mining rate bonus).
  2. The second way to earn BEE coins currently as of (1/17/2021) is to use your mobile phone and to tap on mine. The Bee Network app will then start mining for 24 hours with no interruption on your phone. It is that easy.

How to sign-up for Bee Network and redeem a referral code?

  1. The first step is to download the Bee Network iOS or Android app.
  2. Sign-up for an account and you will be prompted to enter a referral code. Use fangwallet for the highest mining bonus. You will not be able to join Bee Network and mine without a referral code, as it is currently on an invite-basis only.
  3. You will be prompted to a screen to something similar to the screenshot below.
  4. To start mining, it is as simple as tapping the middle mining button. Tap it, and now you are effectively mining for the next 24 hours.
  5. Every day, you want to revisit the app to mine again because, after 24 hours, the app resets and stops. If you want to mine more BEE coins, simply set a calendar alert and remember to tap on mine on a regular cadence. That’s it!
Tap the “thunderbolt” icon to start mining BEE coins

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