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10+ Entry-level Work From Home Jobs for Women

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of the global professional field to a large extent. The year 2020 has been a challenging year for humankind as all leading countries had to go through a strictly imposed lockdown to control the novel coronavirus contamination. In such a condition, many professional organizations, business entities, and corporate companies had no other way than to provide the employees with work-from-home conditions. 

Another alarming situation that the pandemic bought with it was a drastic drop in the global economy GDP. Several small and medium corporate entities dissolved due to the lack of revenue. This catastrophe led to the paradigm shift among employees as they started working from home on a freelance basis.

If you are a woman who is searching for a job that follows the work-from-home setup, this article can help you find a suitable one. Here are the details of the ten most convenient work-from-home options that you can join being a woman with today’s bizarre market conditions:

Pandemic friendly work from home jobs for women

Become a Virtual Assistant

As most business entities have started operating on a remote basis, the demand for virtual assistants is currently high in the market. The primary job role for virtual assistants in a company is to bookkeep and keep track of all the departments and enable them to run in an organized manner. 

If you become a virtual assistant of any organization, expect your position to be beneath the director or the CEO of the company. However, in some companies, you might be in the administrative department.

To execute your work with responsibility, you would need a workstation at home with a proper internet connection. The primary thing you should consider is setting up proper communication with the employees and CEO. 


Most companies hire virtual assistants who belong to the management stream. However, your smartness and knowledgeability are the essential qualities that can earn you this job. 

Online Tutor

If you are a stay-at-home parent and a homemaker, joining a full-time or complicated job might be challenging for you. At present, most women are becoming home tutors in order to generate an income during the pandemic. In the present situation, you can provide virtual classes and take your payments online. 

As an online tutor, you can choose your work-period according to your wish. It can be 4 to 6 hours a day. All you need to do is find an agency that can connect you with the students seeking a home tutor. Expect these agencies to charge you some money as a profit. You can even be in a contract with such a company. 


To become an online tutor, you need to have the confidence to communicate with the students. Knowledge of different educational boards is a must. Moreover, you must have superior knowledge about the subject that you are going to teach your students.

Freelance Content Writer

If you are confident about your creativity and the command of a specific language, a freelance content writer’s career can be the best for you. Although several professional entities run a content writing firm, you can easily do this job on a work-from-home setup. 

As a freelance writer, you can expect to get paid based on the project or the number of words you write daily. To set a workstation, you would need a high performing system and an internet connection.

A content writer’s sole responsibility is to create unique content for on-site or off-site SEO works. You need to listen carefully to the client’s needs and write the article accordingly. Moreover, the client can also give you instructions regarding the keywords you need to put in the article and the style you need to follow while writing.


Anyone irrespective of age, gender, or educational qualification can become a freelance content writer. You need to know the language you are writing in and make a unique composition according to the topic given to you. As a freelancer, you can efficiently take an assignment according to your comfort level and complete it within the deadline. However, at times, you might have to complete your work on strict deadlines. 

Sales Representative in a call center

After the outbreak of Covid-19, the call center’s entire work setup has shifted to the work-from-home structure. As the call center’s main work revolves around data entry and speaking eloquently, you can apply for the position if you see a good fit.

The main concern of a call center’s job is time, as the number of calls you manage in a given period accounts will be performance-based. The work is, however, divided into two types of needs. Either you may be a sales representative taking outbound calls, inbound calls, or both. 

In the case of both inbound and outbound calls, you need to maintain punctuality as the outbound calls are generally the sales call and the inbound ones deal with customer handling. 


Excellent communication and persuasion skills are the two primary needs to become a call center representative. As a woman, you need to develop your pitching style to ensure satisfactory performance that results in high performance. Furthermore, you must have the ability to understand the pronunciation of the person whose call you would take. As per the self-training, you can go through the phonetic words related to the working language’s alphabets.

Data Entry Executive 

A data entry executive’s job manages tasks, and it can be done at the convenience of home. In all leading countries, data entry workers earn a decent annual amount and live a prosperous life. As a data entry executive, you will only need to observe certain data and type accordingly on excel sheets for bookkeeping. Large business entities require all this data for which they hire data entry operators. 


The main eligibility criteria for becoming a data entry executive is typing skill. So, you can apply for a freelance job in this sector and earn money by working from home. However, you should have excellent observation power. 

Travel Agent

As the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the tourism industry went through a drastic break down due to the on-going lockdowns in all leading countries. However, with the onset of 2021, the tourism industry is getting back onto its former state. The employees of the tourism companies are still working from home. All tourism companies have adopted the remote working style. 

As a travel agent working for a tourism company, you can organize a tour for your client and generate sales for your organization over the phone. It can be the best job for you if you have an interest in booking vacation tours for clients around the world.


As a travel agent, you will need listening and convincing skills. Moreover, proper knowledge of different tourism destinations is a must. You need to have creative skills for setting the itinerary of the tours. 

Independent Blogger

You might not consider becoming an independent blogger as a job, but it can help you earn by working from home. You need to publish excellent blog posts on your blogging platform to succeed. Once you become experienced and nurtured a readership, you can make supplementary income by ghostwriting for other blogs or monetizing your blog if it gets popular enough.


To become an independent blogger, you will need to have excellent writing skills and the potential to execute proper research on any given subject matter. 


At present, online meetings have become quite common, and you can apply for a translator’s job. All you have to do is complete a degree course in a foreign language and English. Your main job role will be to translate the conversation in the foreign language into English so that people can understand. 


A graduation course in a foreign language can earn you a job as a translator easily. However, check the organization for its authenticity.

Web Developer

If you are a young, tech-savvy woman who knows web development, you can apply for a particular organization’s remote freelance job. You can send your projects and reports regularly to the organizations that you are working for. Being a web developer, make sure you are following the instructions from the client. 


The primary eligibility for becoming a web developer is the knowledge of the subject. You must also have sheer devotion towards your job and the ability to work under pressure without losing cool. 

Graphic Designer

A digital graphic designer can be a critical part of any tech company as user experience is very important in the user journey. There are options for you to join a firm that deals with logo designing, visual content making VFX, etc. 


As a graphic designer, you can learn about digital designing, special effects, and visual content making. All you need to have is a degree course in graphic designing from a reputed organization. 

As a graphic designer, you can learn about digital designing, special effects, and visual content making. All you need to have is a degree course in graphic designing from a reputed organization. It's also recommended to have a portfolio showcasing examples of your work.

Final Words

In the pre-covid era, many people used to consider work-from-home as something impossible. However, many corporate firms granted the employees to work remotely given the pandemic circumstances. After the pandemic, most people will opt to stay working from home most likely with improved productivity. Moreover, additional freelance gigs may prove to become successful streams of income.

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