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How to Use Fetch Rewards Referral Code 2024 Signup Bonus

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Practicing frugal habits while shopping can be quite difficult. However, with some patience and online research, it can be accomplished. The internet is a great communication tool for making and increasing net worth. There are many different money making websites and apps on the market today. Take for example the new mobile receipt scanning apps. These specific apps assist people in making money on their everyday purchases just by taking photos of their receipts.

What is Fetch Rewards?

One of the new and most popular apps is Fetch rewards. Fetch Rewards is a free mobile receipt scanning app that gives you rewards for all your purchases in the form of gift cards. The best part is your receipts can come from any retailer. No matter where you buy your products you are sure to get rewarded.

There is also a fetch reward 4,000 point signup bonus using promo code 55AGK.

Is Fetch Rewards legit?

Scanning your receipts as soon as possible is the best usage and practice when redeeming with Fetch Rewards.

However, you may also be wondering where your information goes after the receipts are scanned. Rest assured that all information is made anonymous, and the data retrieved from receipts is simply for market research. Many companies use market research to help improve revenue and customer service.

How Fetch Rewards works

Each receipt scanned gives you a certain amount of points. Getting familiar with all the current offers in the Fetch app is a great way to boost your point value as you will gain the necessary information to maximize your point value. It will also help you cash out at a quicker rate.

Collecting more than one offer on any scanned receipt is yet another sure way to rack up points quickly. You can also use a fetch rewards referral code to get the fetch rewards bonus. These codes are used for new Fetch members to receive extra points. Currently, on the web, the biggest bonus you can get from a fetch rewards referral code is 4,000 points with Fetch Rewards promo code, 55AGK. The fetch rewards referral bonus is one of the fastest ways to rack up points.

How to use Fetch Rewards referral code 2021 signup bonus

  1. Create your account and use the promo code, 55AGK, for a 4,000 point signup bonus
  2. Read carefully and browse through the offers in the Fetch app to collect the most rewards.
  3. Scan clear visible receipts.
  4. Share the wealth and refer your family and friends to get even more points with the Fetch Rewards referral bonus.

Fetch Rewards receipt scanning best practices

Receipts should always be clear with all the retailers’ information visible with the exact purchase amount. You will never have to worry about the length of a receipt being too long. The Fetch Rewards app has a built-in feature in which you can take as many pictures as needed by sections in order for the entire receipt to be visible.

Receipt points turn into real rewards like gift cards for many popular retailers like Target, Walmart, CVS, and more eligible retailers. Don’t forget there is a 14-day grace period in order to get your receipts scanned in the Fetch app. Turn around times for receipt processing is between 48 and 72 hours.

If you run into any technical problems the customer support team is efficient at getting back to all their Fetch members in a timely and professional manner. Their contact email is

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  1. Been using Fetch for a while…the only trouble is that it requires a fair amount of work to scan the receipts.

    Also – it not clear if Fetch will give you cash, you get gift cards instead.

  2. Why can’t we get this app in other countries? It just seems a little bit unfair so if you can make it possible for other countries to get the app that would be amazing!

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