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How to Redeem Blockfolio Referral Code 2024 Signup Bonus

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Cryptocurrency continues to grow in popularity. There is more software available than ever before to help you in purchasing and monitoring cryptocurrency such as Blockfolio. Blockfolio is free to use, and you will find support for over 10,000 types of cryptocurrency through the mobile application.

To manage your cryptocurrency portfolio, download the app using the Blockfolio referral link to get a free crypto signup bonus. It is easy to sign up and easy to start buying. Apply referral code: fangwallet

What is Blockfolio?

Edward Moncada founded Blockfolio in the year 2014. The goal of the mobile app is to bring centralization to the cryptocurrency industry in a way that puts the customer first. All market data is readily provided to you as the customer completely free of charge.

You can track thousands of assets, noticing right in your portfolio how they are doing without having to log in to each one individually. The homepage is fully customizable so that you can see only data on the markets you choose. Sign up for notifications so that you can be sure to receive updates about your favorite currencies as a cryptocurrency tracker.

How Blockfolio Works

After you download your mobile app and receive your Blockfolio bonus, you can begin personalization. If you do not use Bitcoin or Ethereum, remove those first. After, go through the chart and deselect any coins that you have no interest in.

At the bottom of the mobile application, you will press the plus sign to begin searching and adding coins of your choice to your watchlist. For each coin, add your portfolio and purchase information to allow the app to determine your profits and losses. From the main screen, you can then monitor your coins, clicking on each specific one to see more detailed information.

Blockfolio Benefits

  1. The mobile application is extremely easy-to-use and completely free to use!
  2. There are over hundreds of different forms of cryptocurrency partnered with the mobile application.
  3. You can sign up for personalized notifications considering the profits and losses of your coins.
  4. Blockfolio offers a news section which partners with any feed of your choice to give you the latest market trends.
  5. Customer support is always available if you notice any data concerns or have any questions, and the agents are quick to respond.

How to Redeem Blockfolio Referral Code (Step-by-Step)

  1. Download the Blockfolio mobile application from the Android or Apple app store, where you will enter your personal information to create your free account.
  2. Register by clicking on the Blockfolio referral link to be eligible for the sign-up bonus. Apply referral code fangwallet for the highest sign-up bonus offer
  3. Save the information for your Blockfolio bonus to put towards your purchase of more coins or more cryptocurrencies in the future.
  4. Complete your sign-up, set up your watchlist for the markets you have an interest in, and keep watch of your profits and losses.

Blockfolio is a powerful financial tool for those interested in the space of cryptocurrency as they can have all of their data in one centralized location.

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