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How to Redeem Postmates Driver Referral Code 2024 Signup Bonus

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There are so many delivery applications currently available to get groceries, food, and more straight to your home. What is even better though, is that you can sign up to become a delivery driver with any of these companies. Postmates is unique in that customers can receive anything they want straight to their doos. Plus, you can sign up with a Postmates driver referral code FL-7LRIB to receive a bonus on top of your earnings.

What is Postmates?

Bastian Lehmann, Sam Street, and Sean Plaice founded Postmates in the year 2011 in the city of San Francisco. The goal was to create a team of employees who could deliver anything a customer wanted the right to their doors, whether that be the goods of a restaurant or a retail location. The founders wanted to make a company that still worked as a traditional technology company, but instead of warehouses, they partnered with other businesses.

How Postmates Works

Customers can order goods they want to purchase through delivery right from the Postmates mobile application or via the website. Drivers pick up the orders from the stores after they receive an alert to their mobile devices through the mobile app specifically made for drivers. You will receive orders to your device based on your GPS location, which the Postmates app uses via location services. The driver who is closest to the store and the customer will likely be the one who receives the order and can then deliver it to the customer.

Postmates Benefits

  1. Postmates does not require you to have a vehicle to sign up. You can ride with a friend or even use your bike to make deliveries.
  2. Most drivers share that they make at least $25 per hour, and you receive a Postmates bonus after signing up with the referral code, FL-7LRIB
  3. Prices go up per delivery when orders are more frequent and when business are busy
  4. You will receive a larger payment when you have to go a shorter distance due to the price of gasoline.

How to Redeem Postmates Referral Code (Step-by-Step)

  1. Download the mobile application on your iPhone or Android phone.
  2. Open the mobile application, where you will enter your login and personal information, along with your Postmates driver referral code FL-7LRIB
  3. Wait for the results of your background check, and ensure that the information on the application is accurate and complete.
  4. Complete the number of deliveries required within 30 days to receive your Postmates signup bonus.
  5. You will see the Postmates bonus in the earnings section of your account after you complete the number of deliveries required in your area.

Postmates is a fun company to become a delivery driver as a side hustle because you never know what you will deliver. Customers can order almost anything through the many partners that exist for the company. It is the perfect time for you to be able to become your own boss.

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