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How to Redeem Binance US Referral Code 2024 Signup Bonus

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While Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in recent months has drawn many new investors into space, trading in the cryptocurrency market can come with high volatility, with swings of 20-30% occurring regularly. Using a reliable exchange is very important to ensure that orders are filled and stop losses actually work, so that risk is curbed. Binance US, the United States-specific offshoot of cryptocurrency platform Binance that is open to US citizens, offers investors the opportunity to buy Bitcoin and many other smaller-cap altcoins. Signing up to the platform with a Binance US referral code 52298116 will allow you to earn commissions from future trades. Keep reading to find out how!

For US based users:

For International based users:

What is Binance US?

Binance US is an online digital currency exchange that was launched in 2019 by BAM Trading Services. Compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance US’s main draw to customers is that it has licensed rights to use the trading engine and cryptocurrency wallets developed by Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Binance US was developed separately from the larger Binance trading platform to be specifically accessible to US customers, overcoming the tight US financial regulations that have banned US citizens from using a large number of other cryptocurrency platforms.

How does Binance US work?

Before using Binance US’s services, potential customers should check to make sure that Binance US operates in their state. While Binance US is on track to expanding access to its platform to all 50 states in the US, at the time of writing, only US citizens residing in 43 states have access. Users first create a Binance US account and verify their identity with a copy of their driver’s license or another identifying document. Afterward, they can link their bank accounts and deposit dollars into their Binance US account. Once their funds are cleared by the platform, traders and investors can purchase popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum for a small exchange fee.

What are the benefits of creating an account on Binance US?

Currently, the vast majority of cryptocurrency exchanges allow only crypto-to-crypto exchanges. This makes it difficult for people who are new to the space to exchange their home currency, like the US dollar or the euro, into their desired token and begin trading. Binance US stands out in this regard because it is one of a few digital currency exchanges that can accept deposits of USD from banks through ACH deposits and domestic wire. Due to Binance US’s high level of regulatory compliance, investors can also move dollars directly from Binance US back into their bank accounts at a later date. The ease of fund flows makes Binance US an attractive platform to use even beyond the Binance bonus that new account owners get when they use a Binance referral code. Additionally, Binance US’s trading fees are very low compared to other competitors like Coinbase.

How do you sign up and redeem a Binance US referral code?

To sign up for Binance US and earn a Binance US bonus, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click the “Get Started” button on the top corner of the page.
  2. Use your email address to create an account.
  3. Choose a password.
  4. If you have a friend who already has a Binance referral code, use 52298116 to claim the Binance bonus when you are signing up.
  5. After your account is active, you can continue earning another Binance signup bonus by referring friends using your own Binance referral code. When a new friend signs up with your code and starts trading, you will earn up to up to 20% of their trading fees as a Binance signup bonus through the referral rebate program.

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