8 Best College Universities To Study Finance

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Students who study finance as the primary discipline get more than an education in the finance sector to build their career within it. A clear understanding of planning and analysis of finances allows people to more easily make effective personal financial decisions. Everyday activities are tightly bound to finances, so financial education is a perfect basis for any other practices in your life. 

Any educational process in college or university assumes completing various written assignments, and financial disciplines are not an exception from that rule. Gain confidence by applying to a good writing service with the request, “Please, write my college essay.” You will get prompt and practical support on any assignment. 

Below, we want to share with you a selection of the best places to study finance. These educational establishments are among the best in the world to get quality knowledge in the financial field.

  1. University of California – Berkeley Haas

One of the most wanted places to study finance is the University of California – Haas School of Business at Berkeley. Their Master of Financial Engineering program, a one-year graduate degree, is a perfect opportunity to build a career in the fields of financial technology, corporate strategy, asset management, and more. There is as well the Finance and Entrepreneurship Club at Berkeley that encourages students to learn more about the disciplines of entrepreneurship and finance by introducing the details of courses. The club launches various workshops, researches, and other projects in the financial field. The club helps to teach students to apply knowledge in real-world business activities.

  1. The University of Texas at Austin

UT Austin is annually recognized as one of the best educational establishments to study finance. The university offers both lower-division and upper-division courses that include business finance, integrative finance, and more. There are many options to enroll in financial practicums and get additional hours to study advanced topics. They include lectures in the areas of economic principles of managerial decisions, financial planning and technology, and plenty more. There are different options for thesis and dissertation completion with additional lectures for graduates.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Sloan School

MIT is one of the most recognizable private institutions that allow getting an education in the financial field. QS World University Rankings has ranked MIT as the best university in the world nine times straight. MIT Sloan School’s finance faculty is one of the best ways to get a modern and excellent finance education. The approach to teaching combines practical insights and inspiring ideas. The best professors and numerous programs make the faculty one of the most desired among students worldwide.

  1.  University of Pennsylvania – Wharton Finance

The history of this respectful educational establishment dates back to 1740, and since that time, the level of knowledge and solidity stays more than excellent. Numerous research innovations and a high level of education for more than 120 years make the Wharton Finance department of this university stand out. The department offers various courses in the area of finances and regularly holds conferences, seminars, and other industry events in different countries. Students have endless options of choice among undergraduate programs, as well as MBA and Ph.D.

  1. Boston College

One of the most respectful colleges has a finance department within their Carol School of Management. Beyond the undergraduate options (corporate finance, financial accounting, and data analytics in finance, investment banking, etc.), the department offers Ph.D. programs and a Master of Science in the finance field. Numerous forums, seminars, research work, and other practice activities stimulate learning and applying skills in finance, making the outcome of studies more than satisfying. 

  1. Indiana University—Bloomington – Kelley

The Kelley School of Business of Indiana University in Bloomington offers many undergraduate programs, including finance, corporate finance, financial planning and wealth management, data analysis, etc. Moreover, there is a finance diversity program within the Kelley School. It provides numerous opportunities for professional development and careers. The sponsor of the program is the Department of Finance. 

  1. New York University

This private educational establishment ranked 30th among the national universities provides financial education at a high level thanks to a modern approach and excellent professors. In many publications of finance journals, the faculty is recognized as number one. The Department of Finance offers all existing majors in the field of finance. Three are Ph.D. faculty courses, and there is also an MBA program available. Students graduating with a major get prestigious positions in investment establishments, banks, corporations, etc.

  1. University of Virginia – Darden 

Being a part of the University of Virginia, Darden School of Business provides students with solid fundamental knowledge in the areas of cost of capital, financial forecasting, management, capital budgeting, financial markets, and other directions. Develop sought-after skills essential for building a successful career in the financial field in our dynamic world today. Graduates obtain positions in the areas of banking, investment, and other fields.

We believe these details on the best places to study finance would hint at what path to choose in your education. Make thoughtful choices, and good luck in your efforts!

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