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Product Description SEO. The Key to Your Ecommerce Business Growth

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The product descriptions in e-commerce are more important than they seem: be the determining factor in a purchase or abandoned cart. In the following article, you will learn how to work with these texts to positively influence your SEO strategy and position your e-commerce. 

Adjusting this area of ​​your website is key when it comes to attracting users and transforming them into customers. Your SEO strategies have to have good descriptions of products and services that persuade potential customers to convert them. 

If you want to improve the descriptions of your virtual store, read on and find useful tips and good practices to achieve it. 

What are product descriptions in e-commerce?

Product descriptions in e-commerce are vital information that aims to attract, inform and convince a potential customer to purchase an item from an online store. These sections describe the characteristics and functions of a product and show the reasons why it has value for the user. 

A good description should not only highlight the virtues of a product: it has to have the power to excite the consumer and convince them to buy it. In addition, it is a very good element for the SEO of your website.

What are the ideal descriptions like?

Each company has its own style and its own way of promoting its products; But there are certain general criteria that can favor your writing, regardless of the field to which your company is dedicated.

Below you will find useful tips to make a good description of your products. 

Consider the search engine one more user

Remember that your customers are people. Many companies try too hard to stuff their product descriptions with keywords. The wording must be clear and legible. They should help users clear up doubts and provide them with detailed information about the product or service. 

Make descriptions short

The attention people pay to web pages is quite poor. Visitors read, on average, 16% of the textual content on a page. 

The shorter your descriptions, the better they will be assimilated by users. The type of description is related to the type of audience of your brand: it is not the same to describe sneakers as automation software. You must maintain the style of your niche while optimizing the writing to the maximum. 

A good structure will prevent readers from getting lost or confused; in addition, it will help search engines to know how the information is ranked. For a user who is just recognizing his need and who does not know about your company or your products, the descriptions have to be very explicit. 

On the other hand, if a potential client already knows what they are looking for, they are surely comparing brands, prices, and other details. At this point it will no longer be necessary to spread the brand, but rather the value of your product compared to that of the competition. 

Use long tail or long-tail keywords 

Long-tail words are very useful for product descriptions because, being very specific, they have a higher conversion rate. With these keywords, you will have much less competition in search engines. Try to build a good list of related keywords. 

The keywords have to be included in the titles, in the meta descriptions, in the alternative text of the images, in the product descriptions, and in the URL of the page. 

Use good images

Consumers are very demanding these days: they are not willing to settle for something lower in quality than what was offered to them. That is why product photographs are essential in the sale. Most users believe that product images are more important than reviews. 

Use professional images, where your product is seen from different perspectives and with a quality that allows you to zoom in on the details. This gives the user a clear idea of ​​what the article looks like. 

Avoid using repeated descriptions 

Do not repeat product descriptions, no matter how similar they are. It may happen that if you receive reviews from the factory, there are other distributors who are using the same descriptions on the web and that will not help you rank in search engines. 

In the CopyScape portal, you can detect if you are using reviews identical to those of other sites: you just have to paste your URL and check which pages have duplicate texts. 

Nor should you have duplicate content on your same portal. If you have repeated texts, Google will not take them into account. Modify the descriptions to make them unique; If you don’t optimize your product descriptions, users are unlikely to find them in their search. 

The investment in time and writing will always be beneficial for your company. It is essential to create original texts different from those of other pages. 

Mention attributes and benefits

In addition to the general description of the product, we recommend emphasizing its attributes and benefits. If it’s clothing, it could be “reinforced stitching.” If you are talking about a camera, for example, you can highlight “128GB memory”.

If you highlight the qualities, you will make the extra value of your products and services very clear. 

Tells a story

It’s not all about features and functions. Another very useful and effective idea for the descriptions of your products is to create contexts around the use of the goods. You can take advantage of these sections to tell how your products will change the daily lives of your potential customers. 

Work your newsrooms so that users not only know the materials, dimensions, and colors of the coffee cups but can also imagine themselves in the comfort of their home in the morning. To achieve this, we recommend that you use sensory words. These are adjectives that allow the reader to imagine the taste of coffee, the temperature of the cup, the aroma of the steam: “subtle”, “mild”, “intense”, for example. 

SEO optimized product descriptions

As we discussed in the last point, descriptions are vital to position yourself in search engines. It is a very necessary practice that also promotes trust and empathy in your consumers. 

Use keywords in your descriptions: they will be the ones that drive traffic to your virtual store. Study the requirements that search engines ask for and stick with them. In this way, you will achieve relevant and optimized content. 

Benefits of a good product description

Product descriptions are not only beneficial to position your virtual store in search engines, but they also meet other objectives; between them, transmitting the value and voice of the company. 

We will tell you about several of the advantages of creating good product descriptions.

Promote confidence

A well-written text can demonstrate seriousness and knowledge of the subject. It is an opportunity to present the commitment of your company to the quality of the products and services, and with other aspects of importance for the consumer. 

Remember that if users are suspicious, they will not buy your products. If you manage to position yourself as an authority in your business, you will gain the trust of the people who visit your website. 

Increase desire

When buying online, consumers cannot physically perceive the product. The descriptions must be able to answer all their questions and help them imagine what the objects they are going to acquire are like.

In addition to informing the characteristics and benefits of the product, with your essays you should work to attract your customers: explain clearly how this article will help them solve their problems or needs. 

Don’t overload your channels 

Descriptions are necessary to avoid confusion between products. If you do not perform the product descriptions correctly, it is possible that your customer service channel becomes saturated with customers looking for answers to their questions. 

To optimize your descriptions, it is advisable to review the requests of users who contact customer service. With this method, you can discover where problems are being generated and go ahead to solve them. 

Conduct regular reviews of key questions to improve and update texts. In this way, you can also reduce the number of emails and calls requesting information. 

Product descriptions are often underestimated as an SEO tactic; However, in addition to persuading your customers, they are also effective in directing traffic to your store through keywords.  

Google’s algorithm cannot read images. The “bots” need specific instructions to contextualize the pages. Never forget to name the images correctly so that they can also be positioned in search engines. 

If your product catalogs have complete and detailed information, search engines will take them into account when presenting search results.

What information must a complete product description contain?

Now that you know all the benefits of optimizing the descriptions of your products, we will tell you what information can not be missing in the reviews of your virtual store. 

What material is it made of?

Consumers always want to know what products they use are made of plastic, metal, or, in the case of clothing, type of fabric. If it is a service, it is important to describe everything that it includes. 

To share accurate data, we suggest you request technical information from the factory: it will be easier to make your descriptions with first-hand details. Remember that with this information you have to design unique texts to avoid duplications both on your page and in search engines. 

If the product is produced locally or if it uses sustainable organic materials, you should add it. These details generate confidence in the quality of what you offer. 

Detailed measurements

You can never miss the exact measurements of your products in the descriptions. Nobody would like to buy one thing and receive something quite different. The aforementioned factory technical information can also help you in this regard. 

If it comes to clothing, you should be especially careful, since sizes are named in different ways in different parts of the world. Include the measurements in centimeters of each part of the garment. 

If there are possibilities of change, the rules have to be made very clear in the description. 

Write the text to be read quickly

Remember that users’ attention to texts, and on the Internet in general, is limited. The format of the review is as important as the content to retain the attention of potential customers. 

For this, there are some tactics with which you can make it easier for your visitors to read: 

  • Emphasize words in bold and use titles to rank the information. 
  • Highlight topics with bullets – this is a good way to group specs legibly. 


Product descriptions are key in any virtual store. Through them, your potential clients not only discover products and services, but they also know your brand and get an idea of ​​the quality of your company and the seriousness with which you work. 

Remember that a well-written review has the ability to increase the purchase desire of your potential customers and convince them to purchase your products. In addition, the texts of the descriptions are essential and useful for any SEO strategy.

Undoubtedly, a detailed, clear, original and optimized description is key for your e-commerce, as it will help you to reflect with fidelity and accuracy the products and services you offer. It is also a valuable opportunity to earn the trust of your customers and enhance the recognition of your brand.

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