Why Managers Must Encourage Employees To Take Time Off: The Pandemic Edition

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Stress levels are at an all time high because of the ongoing pandemic and its subsequent waves. A lot of employees are feeling burnt out, anxious, isolated, and overwhelmed by the current work-from-home scenario. What started as a relief from the constant commute has now become a major reason for employee dissatisfaction.

Managers often feel that working remotely is kind of a vacation for employees since they have extra freedom to work on their own terms. Employees are more relaxed since they are working from their couch in their pajamas. Even learning opportunities are provided virtually through LMS apps which allows employees to learn as per their convenience. 

In such a situation it may seem absurd to ask employees to take time off since they are already away from the office. But it is more important now than ever. While they may not necessarily step out of their homes and travel to a different location during their time off, having the opportunity to truly disconnect from work can do wonders for their well-being.

Let’s dive into the main reasons for encouraging employees to take time off from work.

It improves employee well-being:

This is the most obvious benefit of encouraging employees to take breaks from work. Employees who take off days are known to have reduced stress and anxiety, and experience more happiness and life satisfaction. 

It has been proven that happy and stress-free employees perform better and stay engaged in their work. Even if they don’t travel due to the pandemic, getting a complete disconnection from work can help them recharge and come back feeling better. 

It builds a positive work culture:

By encouraging your employees to take time off from work, you show them that you care for them and want them to spend time to relax & rejuvenate. This makes employees feel valued and increases their commitment towards the organization.

A lot of employees may feel hesitant asking for off days when they are working remotely. They often assume they will get into their manager’s bad books and never ask for a vacation. By being supportive, you can show them that the company work culture favors their overall well-being.

It enhances employee productivity:

An employee’s mental and psychological well-being affects how they think and act. The pandemic has isolated employees from their peers which makes them feel depressed. After all, human beings need social connections.

Taking a break improves their mental health which plays a major factor in improving their work performance. It allows employees to handle all kinds of situations in a better way and stay engaged at work despite the challenges.

It reduces employee turnover:

The unexpected changes forced upon us by the pandemic have caused the lines between employee personal life and professional life to get blurred. Employees are working longer than usual despite the elimination of travel time. This leaves them with little to no time for their personal life and to pursue any interests.

In such situations, employees feel frustrated and take harsh steps like quitting their jobs to find more balance in their life. When managers push employees to regularly take breaks, it prevents such a buildup of frustration and keeps employees in the right mindset to perform well. This will reduce the chances of an employee quitting their job.


To say the pandemic has been challenging would be an understatement. But since the situation is not going to change in the coming few months, it’s best to find ways to ensure your employees stay productive and keep working to the best of their abilities. Taking a break is one of the best ways to ensure that.

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