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DoorDash Driver Referral Link 2023 Signup – Maximize Earning Potential

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For those new and interested in becoming a driver for DoorDash, joining the delivery app is simple and can even be lucrative. Fortunately on the flip side due to the pandemic, DoorDash is more lucrative thanks to the passing of Prop 22 and increased customer tips.

However, you may still have several questions and be anxious about how to prepare for your first DoorDash delivery – fortunately this guide was written for you with some of the common new dasher questions answered. Read on.

What does that all mean during a COVID-19 pandemic? Increased tip pay.

In other words, business is booming for food delivery apps. DoorDash is looking for more eligible drivers who can deliver and customers are willing to tip substantially more than they would pre-COVID. To be frank, delivery apps are having a shortage of drivers returning to work so now companies like DoorDash are incentivizing drivers with referral bonuses and sign-ups to get more drivers on the road.

How much can you make with DoorDash in a week?

$25/hour is very doable with DoorDash if you follow the following tip and strategies set-out below from a Dasher himself.

As you begin dashing, only accept orders with at least a $1:1 mile ratio (any dollar amount over $1 ratio is a great order).

If the order does not follow those criteria, reject the order and wait for the next order. Frankly, “Acceptance score” in DoorDash in 2021 doesn’t do much for the scoring algorithm for DoorDash. The only score you should focus on is “Completion and quality score” only.

Look for hotspots and stay within 5 miles max within that radius to stay within that hotspot.

Sometime it is advantageous to neglect the hot spots displayed on the DoorDash app for pockets of neighborhoods you know are more busy with restaurant chains. By following the 5 mile radius rule, you are ensuring you are saving money on gas and becoming more efficient with your time during your route and you are more familiar with shortcuts and the roads.

Accept only food orders and sparely accept shopping orders.

Food orders are more predictable and is the name of the game. With shopping and grocery orders, the nature of the store and finding items can be very unpredictable and can quickly become a time sink for little pay. I highly recommend to try a few shopping orders before completely disregarding the orders, but I have personally found food orders are the way to go when maximizing earning potential.

Disclaimer: For Illustrative purposes only, actual earnings may differ and depend on expenses. Hourly pay is calculated using average Dasher payouts while on a delivery (from the time you accept an order until the time you drop it off) and includes compensation from peak pay, tips, and other incentives.

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