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Drop App Review: Rakuten vs Drop App vs Ibotta – Is the Drop App Worth It?

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Those looking to save money, who are busy but conscientious, who realize the importance of diversifying their strategies, but lack the time to do so, are increasingly turning to technology to help them. A cashback app is one way to do this, along with automating your bill payments, investing in small stocks, or saving money overall.

Applications that give you money or rewards back are known as “cashback apps.” These applications operate under the premise that “every little bit helps,” offering rebates on specific purchases and cash back benefits for sticking with a specific brand. It’s possible to get money in the form of cash from these apps, but it’s more common to get points that can be redeemed for other goods or services. When it comes to cashback apps, there are a plethora of options to pick from, but it’s vital to do your research before making a final decision.

Rakuten, Drop, and Ibotta are just a few examples of these apps. A comparison of their features will help you decide which one to pursue further. All of these apps are available on both iOS and Android, are rated at least 4 out of 5 stars, and have a combined total of over 75K reviews. Here’s what we found:

Feature Rakuten Drop Ibotta
Uses PayPal? Yes No Yes
Minimum Cashout $5.01 $25 $20
Rewards Expire? No but there is an account maintenance fee after 12 months No but there is an account maintenance fee after 6 months No but there is an account maintenance fee after 6 months
Best Use? Online Retail Online Retail In-store Retail
Grocery Rebates? No Yes, at Target Yes

Easy to Use?

All three services need you to download the app and link a credit card during the sign-up process, which is quite simple. In addition to a mobile app, Drop, Rakuten, and Ibotta all use browser extensions to keep track of your purchases. A credit card is required for in-store transactions with Drop and Rakuten, so they can track and apply incentives, although Rakuten vs Drop App demonstrates that Drop is easier to sign up for. Drop App vs Ibotta shows that Drop is more user-friendly. For Ibotta, special promotions must be added to the app before you go shopping, and a photo of the store receipt must be uploaded after you’ve completed your purchase. All three services are free and offer rewards for getting friends to sign up with referral codes.

Who Excels?

The greatest cashback app for you is the one that has the most bargains and is the most user-friendly. Compared to Ibotta and Drop, which both need a minimum payment of $20, Rakuten has a lower $5 threshold before you can cash out, but the number of physical locations where you may redeem bonuses is more limited. For those who find Ibotta’s app cumbersome to use in stores, the app’s pre-selecting of bonuses and uploading a receipt may be too time-consuming. Amazon, Starbucks, and Target are just a few of the stores for which Drop offers cashback gift cards. Drop app reviews also point out the availability of bonus points for shopping at the preferred stores you indicate when you sign up, allowing you to reach your cashback goals faster. This feature isn’t available on either of the other two providers. Rakuten vs Drop App shows that Drop offers more online locations from which to earn rewards. Drop App vs Ibotta sows Drop is easier to use.


Drop is the most user-friendly of the three cashback apps, and it’s also the most “worth it” for those just getting started. However, the most successful app is one that is simple to use and offers incentives that are easy to earn because you’ll likely be buying at these locations the most. In terms of speed, Drop is the best app for accomplishing this goal.


Is it safe to use these services?

The apps are secure, but always be wary of using browser extensions on untested shopping sites.

Can you use multiple cashback apps at the same time?

Yes, typically you can. With some strategy, this can be very successful, such as partnering coupon codes from one app with a cashback reward in another app for the same purchase.

Do cashback apps interfere with a credit card’s own reward or point system?

No they do not.

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