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Ibotta App Review: Ibotta Cheats, Bonuses, & Referral Codes

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Ibotta, a cashback app for everyday shopping, is most popular for deal hunters who enjoy the thrill of a little scavenger hunt. The type of stores ranges anywhere from eligible grocery stores to even electronic stores. The savings don’t stop, and the truth is if you aren’t trying to save during this day and age, you aren’t doing it right. Every penny adds up!

How Ibotta works?

The Ibotta app started in 2011 and targets consumers who would like to save money through the form of digital coupons and cashback ranging from 2-5% depending on the partner store.

The Ibotta app enables you to receive discounts and save anytime you shop at an eligible partner store of Ibotta. The catalog is enormous with over hundreds of participating stores so there is really no bounds to how much you can start saving right away at the stores you regularly shop at. The store is bound to be a partner of Ibotta.

In order to check, I’d strongly advise you to consider installing the Ibotta app and to see the store catalog yourself or using our referral code, reagcaj for a $20 sign-up bonus

Is Ibotta legit?

Yes! Ibotta is legit and regularly pays out to their members frequently. Ibotta has been in the industry since 2011 and there are many testimonials online that can prove the legitimacy of Ibotta if you are still a skeptic.

How to earn cashback in-store with Ibotta?

There are multiple ways to earn cashback with Ibotta in-person at the store.

  1. Loyalty card linking – If you opt for loyalty card linking, purchases synced within your store loyalty card will be syndicated and shared to Ibotta so your purchases become eligible for cashback.
  2. Receipt submission – Receipt submission is just as it sounds. After purchasing at an eligible store, you simply save the receipt by taking a photo with your phone and submit it to Ibotta to process cashback instantaneously.
  3. Pay with Ibotta with a linked credit card – Ibotta now enables users to link their credit card with Ibotta to pay in-store at checkout. When you do, you will receive up to 10% off your entire order.

How to earn cashback online with Ibotta?

Earning cashback online with Ibotta is simple as visiting the app and clicking through their link, whether it be mobile, desktop, or tablet. If you enter the Ibotta app, you should be credited for your purchases in the form of cashback if you make a purchase at a qualifying retailer online.

Ibotta cheats and tips to earning cashback quick

  1. Link your loyalty card to Ibotta
  2. Look out for frequently reoccurring rebates and take note
  3. Make use of the bar code scanner to quickly find the right items
  4. Refer friends and family to Ibotta
  5. Opt for lower priced items that are new to you to try, but don’t go out of your way of neglecting items you really need – only if it is a proper substitute.
  6. Stack various cashback apps
  7. Check stores before getting out of the house to ensure they have the items you are searching for.
  8. Don’t ignore rebates with multiple items that can increase your savings

How do I receive Ibotta hidden bonuses?

Although it is hard to predict Ibotta hidden bonuses because hidden bonuses vary greatly, you want to make sure you are eligible and are receiving these hidden bonuses that can reap Ibotta rewards quickly.

To make sure you are subscribed and eligible to receive Ibotta hidden bonuses, make sure your Ibotta account has these items checked off!

  1. Subscribe to Ibotta newsletters and push notifications via the app settings.
  2. Search the Ibotta app for the hidden bonus.
  3. Once you find a bonus you will receive a message with more details – the actual bonus will appear in your app within a few hours.

Patience is key.

Should you install and sign-up for the Ibotta app?

In short, yes!

Ibotta is completely free and there is nothing to lose, really. You are even able to browse through the deals, rebates, coupons, and all their store catalogs online before you even step foot into a participating store to use their app. I have found that raking up savings with the Ibotta app is pretty straight forward and over time can turn into a sizable lump sum. Register for the Ibotta app by clicking here, today.

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