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Citibank Double Cash Card Review: The Card for Minimalists

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If you know me personally, you probably are aware that I am a credit card junkie. I am constantly researching the market for a new credit card, whether it be just to learn about the new perks of the credit card or lucrative sign-up bonus, learning about new credit cards doesn’t hurt in this day and age. However, I’d like to revisit an old credit card that I think deserves a spotlight.

In today’s post, I will be reviewing the Citibank Double Cash card. You may already be aware of its benefits and its famous 2% cashback on everything with no annual fee. For those new to credit cards, the Double Cash card from Citibank sets the record for having the highest cashback with no category limit. In other words, for every dollar you spend, you will always receive 2 percent back or 2 cents back as long as you pay your credit card bill on time.

Who is the Citibank Double Cash card for?

In a day and age when everyone is trying to game the credit card system, the Citibank Double Cash card is meant for the opposite and is actually for the old fashioned card user. If you hold only one or two credit cards and are simply looking for that one credit card to use for everyday spending, look no further. The Citibank Double Cash card was made for minimalist people like you who like to only have few credit cards sitting in their wallets for everyday spending activity.

If the credit card had a spirit animal, it would be a turtle because it practices the concept of slow and steady wins the race. The Citibank Double Cash rarely ever even has a sign-up bonus too, which makes the consumer less incentivized to be dealt with reckless, unnecessary spending to hit a sign-up bonus and to practice good spending habits.

What are the Citibank Double Cash card benefits?

  1. Earn 2% cashback on every purchase with unlimited 1% cashback when you buy, plus an additional 1% as you pay for those purchases. To earn the complete 2%, you simply have to pay in full for those purchases in the month.
  2. No credit card annual fee.
  3. No category or caps for cashback potential. As long as you spend, you will be eligible for cashback.
  4. Balance transfer offer: 0% intro APR on balance transfer for 18 months with a varied APR percentage depending on credit history upon approval.
  5. Special access to Citi Entertainment for tickets to various travel, dining, and entertainment events.
  6. $0 liability for unauthorized charges.

What do I like about the Citibank Double Cash card?

The benefits for the card is simple, straight to the point, and gets the job done – that is what I like the most about the Citibank Double Cash. When in doubt, simply put it on the card and you will get 2% back. No hassle, no-frills.

If you sound like the consumer who only likes to use one credit card and don’t have this card just yet, click here to apply now.

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