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Driving with UberX vs Delivering with Uber Eats Comparison: Which Driver App to Pick?

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The New Uber Choice: Uber or Uber Eats?

No doubt, Uber has laid the groundwork for competitors to follow, as well as industry standards for on-demand services. Once only a ride request app, Uber has since expanded its services to include delivery of food and other goods. If you’re cleared through Uber’s activation process for drivers, you can drive with either the company’s rideshare or Eats delivery service, but which one is the most lucrative? According to drivers who use Uber, changing apps at different times of the day can increase their income potential, depending on where they are and how much demand there is. Uber uses available drivers in regular cars for its various ride options . Drivers can also deliver by car, on foot or by bicycle with the help of Uber Eats, the company’s food-delivery app. So, when deciding whether or not to use  Uber as a driver, and deciding between Uber vs Uber Eats, what should a new driver keep in mind?

The Driver’s Choice

Those who want to deliver food with Uber but plan to do so on bicycles or foot do not need to pass a driving test or provide proof of driving license, although they will need a state-issued photo ID, be at least 18 years old, and will still be required to complete the background check process. If they want to deliver food with Uber on a scooter, they need to be at least 19 years old, have a motorized scooter under 50 cc, have a valid driver’s license in their name, and submit their Social Security number for Uber to run a background screening. 

The following comparison assumes that the individual will be driving with Uber from a vehicle.


UberX , is one of the company’s most popular ride options. Up to four passengers can be transported by a driver with UberX. However, any additional passengers will necessitate the use of an option with more room like UberXL. Drivers are required to completel the background check process and a Motor Vehicle Report review, as well as a safety inspection of their vehicles. Proof of US residency, a Social Security number, and no disqualifying restrictions are required for all drivers who use Uber in the US. When surge pricing is in effect, drivers can expect to earn even more.

uberx driver

Uber Eats

According to Uber, many drivers alternate between transporting passengers and delivering food, depending on the time of day. In addition to making money through surge pricing, those who prefer to ferry passengers may find that the busiest times for rideshare drivers are early morning rush hour and late afternoon rush hour, as well as weekend evenings. However, many drivers that use Uber find that delivering with Uber Eats, delivering groceries and restaurant orders, can be more lucrative than working with passengers at mealtimes. Because food delivery doesn’t necessitate a lot of interaction between the driver and the customer, some drivers enjoy the freedom of not having to entertain or socialize with strangers. When it comes to delivery drivers who use Uber Eats, on the other hand, tipping tends to be better at certain times of the day, but overall, they may make less than rideshare drivers who use Uber depending on the time of day & demand. In addition, drivers who use Uber Eats may find that when they arrive at restaurants, the order isn’t quite ready, and they must wait until it is before continuing their search for new delivery requests . This can be a waste of time.


It is possible to make decent money by driving with Uber, regardless of the service, on the side or even as a full-time gig. Uber operates in nearly every major metropolitan area in the world, and in nearly every country, so drivers have access to a larger customer base than many of their competitors. On the other hand, driving with  Uber can put a certain amount of wear and tear on the vehicles. Drivers must provide their own gas and insurance, although they may be reimbursed for tolls and any damage done to the vehicles by the passengers. It is likely that the new driver will have to experiment a little bit before deciding which Uber services he wants to drive with , UberX vs Uber Eats. This will allow him to become familiar with the services that are in demand at different times in his area.


  1. Can a driver who uses Uber work for another gig service provider?

Yes, drivers can work for competitors.

  1. Does Uber have options for uninsured drivers?

Yes, Uber provides its own vehicle insurance, although it is only applied when the driver has the app open and is actively accepting work. Any driving incidents that do not occur during driving or delivering with Uber time are not covered.

  1. Does Uber provide a hot bag for delivery drivers who use Uber Eats?

Yes, drivers who use Uber Eats can acquire a hot bag from Uber for a price, though many drivers find that the bag is too small for large orders and end up purchasing a bigger bag on their own.

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