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Uber Eats vs Uber Comparison: Which App is Better and Pays More?

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Uber vs Uber Eats: How to Earn More

Those who choose to drive with Uber know that the company is constantly offering new ways for drivers to make money. Initially working only as a ridesharing company, Uber has expanded to include meal order delivery and package delivery as well. However, some drivers have noticed that working with one company can occasionally pay more than another area of service. There are many reasons for this, some of which can include the availability of services in a particular area that calculate fees, or the fact that some parts of Uber services, such as ridesharing, will always be in a certain amount of demand versus package delivery services, in which the demand might be less. So which pays more?

Uber Services

The first thing that you must remember about both services is that all drivers with Uber must operate using the Uber Driver app, must clear a criminal background check and a driving record check, must provide proof of vehicle insurance, and operate a safe vehicle. They must also have at least one year of licensed driving experience in the US (3 years if under 25).. In terms of favorability, it is also important to remember that drivers with the highest ratings can have more driving options, and thus, keeping your rating up is especially important as a driver of any service. It is far more difficult to earn high ratings from satisfied customers if you deal with them face-to-face, such as the ridesharing aspect of Uber. Most people are happy with a delivery service if they get their package on time, so many drivers think that faceless delivery services are less stressful. If you are trying to decide who to work with, Uber Eats vs Uber, read on.

Uber Driver App

This is a feature of Uber in which drivers who drive more expensive luxury cars can charge higher fees from riders for the privilege of riding in those cars. As with black car taxis, some people are willing to pay more to ride in a high-end vehicle as opposed to an older standard car. UberX allows clients to schedule a car to drive them around, sometimes to multiple destinations, much like a chauffeur in a limousine would do, without the need to hail a second driver later on. Up to four passengers can ride in an UberX car, and it is required that the cars be less than 15 years old. Priority is given to the rider, which means they will likely get a ride faster than if they had drawn from the regular pool of drivers.

Uber Eats App

The Uber Eats app is primarily used to order meals for delivery from local restaurants.  People who deliver with Uber Eats don’t give rides, they deliver food orders . While this can be less stressful in terms of keeping customers happy, delivery drivers with Uber Eats still have their own problems. It might also take time to verify which order belongs to the client, especially if there are multiple delivery orders waiting. The main aspect of this feature is that the client doesn’t even have to see the delivery driver, as curbside drop off is quite common since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Both services are backed by the reputable and recognizable Uber name, but depending upon the demand in your particular area, they might pay very differently if you are a driver looking for opportunities to earn on the app. 


Most drivers who drive on the side in the “gig economy” admit to never putting their eggs in one basket, and they allow themselves to be available for any service as demand requires. Drivers with Uber often perform a variety of actions, in both delivery and ridesharing. Some even do food delivery in between waiting for rideshare rides. Some drivers work with Uber as well as competitor companies like Lyft. Which one pays more, Uber or Uber Eats, will depend on the demand in your city, among other factors. In smaller towns, especially those with shoddy public transportation, driving for Uber might be more lucrative. However, during the workday, when fewer people are in need of getting from one place to the other, but might need lunch delivered, delivering with Uber Eats during the lunch hour might be more lucrative. Hopefully this Uber Eats vs Uber guide has given some insight.


  1. Does Uber have different requirements for drivers of Uber services vs Uber Eats?

No, both services vet drivers the same way and with the same requirements, as drivers can swap between services in which to operate.

  1. Does one service tip more over the other?

Drivers with Uber report that delivering with Uber Eats tends to get better tips.

  1. Can I use a borrowed vehicle to operate as a driver with Uber?

No, you must own the vehicle and carry insurance on it.

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