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Why is Doordash “This Week” vs “Balance” is Less Than Expected on The DoorDash App

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DoorDash’s “This Week” vs. “Balance” Explained

DoorDash, a company that arranges for the delivery of food such as groceries and takeout, is one of the more lucrative and convenient companies to work for if you’re in need of some extra cash. DoorDash provides its drivers, known as “Dashers,” with a steady stream of income opportunities in many cities across North America and Australia. The company also stands out for the convenience of its payment methods and the number of ways in which drivers receive compensation.

When signing up to be a Dasher for DoorDash, drivers have the option of receiving their earnings via direct deposit to a bank account, instant transfer to a debit card, or through the DasherDirect prepaid debit card issued by DoorDash. Under “Earnings” in the driver’s app, Dashers can view the amount of money they have made. However, this section of the app can be confusing for new drivers who are checking their balances for the first time. To further confuse matters, the number displayed under “This Week” frequently differs from the number displayed under “Balance,” leaving drivers to wonder which is correct. Let’s take a look at the two.

doordash this week vs balance

“This Week”

This number in the Dasher driver app reflects driver earnings for the work week, which runs from Monday through Sunday for DoorDash drivers. Any payments that clear during this time period will factor into the “This Week” number calculated. Drivers must note, however, that deliveries made on Sunday might not be credited until the day after, and thus will be reflected in the following week’s balance.


The balance segment of the “Earnings” reflects how much a Dasher can take out for fast pay or debit card transfer. This amount will differ from the “This Week” number if the Dasher makes use of the daily or on-demand withdrawal of earnings from the DoorDash account. Some drivers prefer weekly payment, often through bank account transfers, and so their balance and “This Week” numbers will match closely. Those who make use of the Direct Dash debit card, though, will usually have lower balance numbers.


If one number is less than the other, it is usually due to the Dasher spending the balance regularly, rather than waiting for weekly payments. Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes a new Dasher will see a negative balance in their “Balance” section. This happens when the number of cash-paid deliveries is higher than the number of Dash earnings. The remaining balance is typically paid out of the Dasher’s earnings as he or she makes more deliveries. When some Dashers check their accounts, they see nothing.

This usually indicates that the app needs updating rather than that the balance has been depleted. You can view your earnings in a number of different ways in the “Earnings” section of the DoorDash app; for example, new drivers often find the “Balance” and “This Week” functions particularly helpful once they’ve gotten used to their respective displays. The DoorDash This Week vs Balance numbers, when properly used, are also useful for Dashers tracking their accounts for tax purposes.


1. If a DoorDash driver suspects an error in their account balances, how do they contact DoorDash driver support?
Driver support is reached at (855) 973-1040 or through the application.

2. Are there any fees associated with Dasher pay withdrawals?
Dashers can opt to have their earnings transferred to bank accounts daily or weekly for no fee, although such transfers might take a few business days to clear. Transfers to debit cards using Fast Pay incur fees of $2 per day.

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