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Gopuff vs DoorDash Delivery Driver Comparison for Work Flexibility and Benefits

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Gopuff vs DoorDash: The Best Driver Benefits and Flexibility

There are numerous on-demand delivery companies from which new drivers can choose. Given that most app-based gig companies do not include competition clauses for their drivers, many drivers choose to maximize their earnings by working for multiple companies simultaneously. In fact, there are so many national and local services that deliver packages, food, groceries, and other items that picking one to work for can be challenging.

Companies such as DoorDash and GrubHub have been around for a while and have developed a recognizable brand in the food delivery service, which should be considered. However, smaller local companies like GoPuff and WaitR also bring in enough business to make it worthwhile to consider working as a driver for these companies, despite the fact that they may not have the same name recognition as the larger ones.

The Gopuff vs DoorDash delivery driver often see the same amount of business in the same area, for example. Some companies get more business than others due to name brand recognition, which should be taken into account, but generally speaking, most food delivery drivers tend to make roughly the same hourly no matter who they work for. This means that factors like location and compensation may play a larger role than others when deciding where to work. Offering drivers incentives like bonuses and discounts has become a standard practice for many companies that rely on self-employed drivers to conduct business. While many transportation companies still classify their drivers as independent contractors who are therefore ineligible for benefits like unemployment insurance and company-sponsored health plans, they have begun providing drivers with other compensation and perks in exchange. Take a look at the perks these two companies offer their drivers:


For more than a decade, DoorDash has been connecting customers with independent drivers (known as “Dashers”). Despite being in business longer than most, DoorDash has only recently realized the value of providing incentives like bonuses and perks to their drivers in the hopes of keeping them around. Just a few examples are as follows:

  • Keep 100% of tips.
  • DasherDirect program for top dashers gives 10% back on gas purchases.
  • 20% off on TurboTax Self-Employed suite.
  • Credits at select providers for auto maintenance.
  • Access to healthcare, vision and dental plans through Stride Health.
  • Healthcare, tax withholding and retirement plans through Catch.
  • 65% off GoodRX for prescriptions.


GoPuff may not have the name recognition of DoorDash, but they are rapidly expanding, now serving hundreds of cities across North America. Their selection of driver perks consists of:

  • Keep 100% of tips.
  • Pre-schedule a block of time to work during which a driver is gauranteed to make a certain amount, which GoPuff will top off if that amount is not made in deliveries. This is useful if a driver can only work during periods of low demand. Shifts cannot be extended the way on-demand shifts can.
  • Drivers who deliver on-demand whenever they are free or with unexpected free time have a wide range of work flexibility. (Work for 1 hour or 2, or longer if able.)
  • Full-time employees who work at a local micro-center for the company have regular benefits like paid time off and health insurance.
  • Drivers who must recover or be quarantined due to COVID are eligible for 14 days of COVID-specific financial assistance.
  • Occupational insurance and accident coverage are available to US drivers at no cost.


Depending on how many hours they work, when they work, and whether or not they receive tips or take advantage of promotions, the average food delivery driver can make anywhere from $15 to $22 per hour. Most places have a lower minimum wage than this. It is expected that drivers for these services will pay their own taxes, cover their own operational costs, and supply their own equipment, such as hot bags and magnetic logos, for their vehicles. However, the driver’s final decision will depend on not only the aforementioned factors but also the popularity of each service in the driver’s geographic area. Comparing the Gopuff vs DoorDash delivery driver benefits is not entirely doable if the two services do not operate in the same area, and the driver must only work with one instead of the other, for example. In order to maximize earnings, drivers need to have a thorough understanding of their service area, peak delivery times, and other relevant details.


1. Do either of these services prevent non-citizens from working for them.

Both DoorDash and GoPuff allow non-citizens to work for them, provided they have a valid driver’s license for their operation area, a tax ID number, and permission to work in the country. (ex: Green Card for the USA)

2. Do either of these services allow carriers to operate from rented vehicles?

DoorDash not only allows Dashers to deliver in rented vehicles, mostly to prevent wear and tear on any personal vehicles, but also offers a rent-to-own vehicle financing plan for couriers who want to work for the company but might not yet own a vehicle. GoPuff allows for the use of rental vehicles but does not yet offer a rent-to-own program. GoPuff drivers are eligible for discounts at Hertz rental car companies.

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