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DoorDash vs Gopuff vs Drizly Driver Comparison: Which Food Delivery App to Deliver For?

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DoorDash vs Gopuff vs Drizly Driver Comparison: Who Should You Drive For?

If the rapidly rising cost of daily living is causing you to consider taking on a second job or side hustle, working for an on-demand delivery service is not a bad way to go. Many people working as independent contractors, using their own vehicles for delivery, have discovered the convenience of the flexible work schedule typical of working for a service like DoorDash. If you already have a full-time job, or perhaps are a college student who wants to earn some money in between an ever-changing class schedule, consider some of the following companies to work for, especially if you own a vehicle that is insured, have a state-issued driver’s license, and are over 18. But should you choose DoorDash vs Gopuff or DoorDash vs Drizly? What is the driving experience of each?


In the decade that it has been in operation, DoorDash has made a name for itself in food, restaurant, and grocery delivery. Drivers for the company, called Dashers, make use of their own vehicles or bicycles to deliver food orders placed within the application. DoorDash couriers can work a pre-scheduled time block, or open up the driver application to work on demand as needed. DoorDash couriers can expect to make anywhere between $15 and $18 an hour, and DoorDash operates in most major cities in North America and Australia. On the other hand, drivers for DoorDash are responsible for their own operating expenses, and the driver support is not quite as good as that of competitors like Uber Eats. DoorDash does have some driver safety features built into its drivers’ app, including a panic button and a trusted contact alert system. New drivers do not receive much training or instruction.


GoPuff is a 24-hour on-demand delivery service that is headquartered in Philadelphia. The service delivers everything from food and groceries to alcohol and tobacco products, even medications, for a $2 flat fee, at any time of the day. The service posts that the delivery will be made in 30 minutes or less. The majority of its deliveries involve items that are found in convenience stores. Rather than picking up orders at a retail location, GoPuff drivers retrieve items from a company warehouse location and deliver them, which cuts down on driving time. Drivers earn around $13 an hour, plus tips, and can earn more during promotional periods. DoorDash vs Gopuff driver comparisons show that drivers make roughly the same amount hourly.


Drizly is a delivery service that also delivers a wide variety of items, ranging from food to school supplies, but is well known for its alcohol delivery. The main difference between Drizly and the other services listed here is that drivers only work at certain hours and tend to be less competitive in accepting orders. For larger orders, the tips tend to be better on Drizly, but some drivers do not consider Drizly due to the less flexible schedule.


If you are considering one of these three services, think about which ones are offered in your area, the level of demand they have from customers that ensures steady work, and how flexible you need your schedule to be. If you are under the legal age for alcohol in your area, you will not be able to deliver for Drizly, as alcohol delivery is a major area of focus for this service, but GoPuff might not be available in your area either. For beginning drivers, DoorDash is usually the best place to start, as far as DoorDash vs Drizly comparisons show.


1. Do all of these services deliver alcohol?

Yes, all three do, but Drizly specializes in this area. For GoPuff and DoorDash, alcohol orders are not given as an option to underage drivers.

2. How do the drivers for these services receive payments?

All three companies pay their drivers using direct deposit to a bank account or payouts to a debit card, usually for an extra fee.

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