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DoorDash vs Wolt Driver Comparison: Which Food Delivery App to Deliver For?

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DoorDash vs Wolt Driver Comparison: Which Food Delivery Service to Work For?r?

So you’ve decided to earn some extra money for that summer vacation next year, and you’ve figured out that the delivery gig industry is a great place to get started. You may even have ordered from a service like DoorDash before. But what is it like to work for them? There are also smaller delivery services operating locally, like Wolt. Should you consider these instead? The world of ordering food delivery is growing as couch dining became the norm during the pandemic and many discovered the fun of “dinner and a movie” at home. The need for drivers for these businesses is on the rise. Let’s examine the various points of working for DoorDash vs Wolt, and see if one might win out over the other.


DoorDash is one of the oldest, and one of the first, in the food delivery market, focusing mostly on restaurant takeout delivery. It’s name is one of the most recognizable in food delivery, more so than even competitor Uber Eats. Drivers for DoorDash, called “Dashers,” typically can expect the following:

  • A driver must be at least 18 years old, own a functional, insured vehicle, and have a valid driver’s license.
  • Drivers can work as much or as little as they want without penalty.
  • Business is usually plentiful, but the base pay, which is calculated based on time, distance, and other factors, is low.
  • Drivers are paid by delivery, not by the hour.
  • With the base pay being lower than competitors’, drivers rely on tips to bolster earnings.
  • Declining an order is difficult and involves explaining why it was declined.
  • Dashers can pre-schedule shifts, but can’t extend shift times.
  • Dashers earn between $15–$22 per hour.
  • Payments through direct deposit or payout to a debit card.


Like DoorDash, Wolt is a food delivery service, founded in Finland, and operates in many European and Asian countries where DoorDash does not yet have a presence. DoorDash acquired Wolt in June 2022, but the company continues to operate as it has before. Drivers for Wolt can expect:

  • Couriers can choose when they want to work.
  • Couriers keep all tips they earn.
  • They must own a suitable vehicle for which they have a license, although bike and foot deliveries are allowed.
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Offers vehicle financing for couriers who want to deliver and eventually own a car, but do not presently own one.
  • Couriers earn around €18 per hour.


Both services require drivers to pass background and driving checks, have a valid government-issued ID, and treat drivers as independent contractors. This means that drivers for both services will be responsible for their own taxes, covering their own expenses, and fuel costs. Comparing driver experiences between DoorDash vs Wolt drivers is difficult, as much of that is dependent upon where the courier is operating and how often they work. It may simply be that the service a new driver chooses will be the one that is operating in his area.


1. What insurance do these companies offer?

DoorDash offers insurance for vehicles engaged in delivering an active order, though it will not cover accidents that happen when not working on an order. They also offer occupational hazard insurance for drivers injured on the job. Wolt does not currently offer this, but might in the future as DoorDash takes over.

2. Are there any countries where these two companies both operate, DoorDash vs Wolt?

Both DoorDash and Wolt operate in Japan, but other than that, Wolt operates primarily in Europe, while DoorDash operates in the Americas and Australia.

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