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How Do I Get a Fetch Referral Code and Redeem a Fetch Rewards Referral Code?

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Fetch Referral Codes: What You Need to Know
Fetch Rewards is a versatile rewards and points service that allows users to scan receipts from any brick and mortar or online retailer and earn points and rewards that they can then cash in for gift cards or other bonuses. The service works much like other point-rewards systems, including the systems commonly found on credit cards, in which users receive points for purchases at partner retailers or brands. After accumulating a number of points, these are then redeemed for items such as Visa gift cards, Amazon gift cards, or iTunes credits. Another way to accumulate points is to refer friends and family. When they sign up for Fetch Rewards using your code, you then receive 2K points towards your own goals. With this in mind, you may be asking yourself, “How do I get a Fetch referral code?”  Read on to learn more.
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Finding Your Fetch Reward Code

If you want to give your referral code to friends, you’re in luck. Fetch automatically generates one for you, and it’s easy to find. In the Fetch app, click on the “Me” selection, and then click on “Earn More Points!” This will bring up your Fetch Rewards personal referral code and a link you can share via text or email.

Redeeming a Code

If you are a new Fetch user who was referred by a friend, redeeming their friend code is also fairly easy. During the sign up process within the app, there is a section that asks you to enter in any referral codes you have for friends. If you accidentally skipped this part, you can go back and do it by tapping on the “Me” tab and choosing “Refer a friend.” It is important to do this before scanning your first receipt, otherwise this option disappears. Also bear in mind that when downloading and installing the app with a link from a friend who referred you, the system is supposed to automatically assign this friend’s referral code to you in the sign up process. However, sometimes it does not, so you may need to manually enter in their code anyway. And if your friends ask you, “How do I get a Fetch referral code,” you can refer them to the section above!

Recommended: Apply referral code: 55AGK for 2,000 free bonus fetch reward points.


Fetch Rewards is a wonderful way to earn cashback on purchases and services, even if you end up shopping at a non-partner location, as Fetch will still award points for any receipt that is scanned. Referring friends and family is a great way to earn extra points, so share your code with as many people as you can.


1. How do I get a Fetch referral code if I don’t know any current Fetch members?

There are communities online, especially on Reddit, where people share their codes for sign-up purposes.

2. Does Fetch sell my information?

Fetch records some personal data to track your scanned receipts but does not sell your personal data. They do, however, sell information on what items appear on your receipts to data brokers for consumer research purposes.

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