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How Does Thumbtack Work? Thumbtack Review 2023

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User Guide to Thumbtack 2022
In recent years, the proliferation of mobile applications has helped bridge the gap between those who have a service or product to offer and those who could benefit from it. Companies like Uber and GrubHub were among the first to use mobile apps to connect service providers with customers. Thumbtack is another company that uses this method to connect contractors with customers. Thumbtack is a service that allows users to browse through listings of different local providers to perform certain types of work, such as home repair. What’s the deal with Thumbtack though? How does Thumbtack work? Please continue reading this Thumbtrack review if you are a new user with questions.

How Does Thumbtack Work

Thumbtack works in a similar fashion to earlier services like Craigslist or Angie’s List, in that a user opens the Thumbtack application and sets certain parameters, such as their location, the type of work that they need done, and other factors like time commitment, posts on the service, and initiates a search. In response to a few questions about the desired work, the service provides a list of possible contractors who fit the criteria. Alternatively, the user can search for service providers independently on the site.

Available Services

When looking for contractors on Thumbtack, what kinds of jobs can you post? There are an infinite number of permutations possible, but some of the more typical ones are:

  • House cleaning
  • Moving
  • Handyman
  • Pet care
  • Event planning
  • Personal training

Searching for Help

This is how to begin using Thumbtack as a client. Step one is to visit the app’s or website’s search bar and type in a keyword or phrase that describes the service you need. Enter your ZIP Code to limit your searches to your immediate area. Additional search parameters can be entered on the left side of the screen, and Thumbtack will offer industry-specific questions based on the type of work you have indicated to help you narrow it down. Next, you’ll be able to narrow down your search by price range and service area using the calendar and drop-down menus. By selecting a contractor’s profile, you can learn more about the individual contractors who will be doing the work.

Think about the contractor’s experience, the number of people they’ve worked with before, their star rating out of 5, and perhaps most importantly, how many people they’ll bring with them to the job if they’re hired. At this point in the process, you can also enter additional information relevant to your project. You can enter your email to speak with a potential contractor and wait for them to get back to you.


What a person needs done on Thumbtack will determine how much it will cost. It’s free to use for anyone, though you’ll have to pay the contractor the agreed-upon rate if you end up hiring them. Be aware that this varies from one contractor to the next.


Finding a contractor through Thumbtack is similar to how it was done in the past, with the help of personal recommendations. Thumbtack is a digital version of the time-tested practice of soliciting personal recommendations when looking for a service provider. Careful research, paying close attention to user reviews and star ratings, and good pre-project communication should help you find the perfect contractor for your needs. Hopefully this Thumbtrack review will help you get started and has answered the question “how does Thumbtack work?”


1. Is Thumbtack a legitimate service?

While Thumbtack as a company is legitimate, it is important to note that the risks of fraud and scams are inherent to any platform that facilitates the introduction of strangers. There have been cases of users falling victim to fraud by purported contractors. Thumbtack tries to eliminate such listings, but they slip through occasionally. Consider the contractor’s overall rating, time on Thumbtack, and user reviews when making your final decision.

2. What problems have users experienced with contractors on Thumbtack?

If you hire someone through Thumbtack, don’t expect any guarantees. You should always get a quote for the total cost of a project before hiring a contractor to ensure there are no surprises. Sometimes a contractor will not do what you want, will not do it right, or will not do it by the deadline. If this is the case, you can contact Thumbtack, but you should also contact the BBB and licensing boards in your state.

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