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How to Troubleshoot Delivery Problems with Your Online Store — and How to Find Solutions

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If you run an online store, you probably face delivery frustrations from time to time. Whether you are performing B2B or B2C transactions, shipping problems are simply part of the job. However, by enforcing specific techniques, you can avoid most issues before they materialize, the success of your business hinges on solving a few fundamental shipping problems.

Common Shipping Problems in an Online Store and How to Solve Them

1. Delay in Final Shipment

Shipment delays must be among online businesses’ most prevalent and challenging problems. The causes of the delivery delay fall into two categories: external and internal.

External delays are typically brought on by inclement weather, excessive traffic, delivery truck problems, etc., and it might be impossible to resolve these external problems fully. The best way to tackle this problem is to let your customers know as soon as possible about the delay.

On the contrary, it is easier to manage internal delays if you are familiar with them. For instance, you can pack standard products that don’t need modifications, and as soon as the order is received, you can promptly hand the box to your shipping company.

Additionally, if you are shipping things across foreign borders, prepare all the paperwork for customs. An improper customs categorization can result in an incorrect license, which can cause the authorities to hold the shipment. Also, if you deal with perishable goods using coolants, note the details on the package to avoid issues.

2. Goods Damaged or Lost in Transit

It would be best if you had a strategy in place in case the packages being transported go missing. Plan your response for damaged, lost, and stolen goods. Instead of simply accepting the defeat, think about the following:

  • Getting delivery insurance
  • Contacting customer care of the delivery service
  • Checking the tracking details to stay up to date 
  • Informing consumers of the order’s status
  • Offering a FAQ for clients to go to if a product is missing
  • Making a police report for bigger orders.

3. Customer Rejects the Delivery

Sometimes, a client might refuse to pay the balance for an order and request the product return. The three most frequent explanations for such a situation are: 

  • The buyer made the incorrect purchase; 
  • The item received is incorrect or damaged; and 
  • The customer no longer wants the product. 

Whatever the situation, managing returns can be complex. The order must be returned, unpacked, and re-added to your inventory. You might spend more time and money managing returns. Therefore, you must always avoid the issue.

To minimize the hassle and wastage of resources, it helps to set a minimum COD (Cash on Delivery) acceptable order limit and bill customers for each return. This action is essential because it will lessen the harm done to your general earnings. Additionally, implementing this change can guarantee a reduction in the frequency of upcoming returns and delivery declines.

Finding a Reliable Same-Day Courier

If your company needs to make several deliveries to clients or other organizations, you need dependable courier services. Dependable courier services, such as Dropoff’s same-day delivery service, play a critical role in your online store since they enable you to reach your consumers quickly. 

Selecting the best same-day courier service for your company involves art and science. You should:

  • Request recommendations from trustworthy sources
  • Look at online testimonials
  • Investigate their customer service
  • Ask for what level of experience they possess
  • Query them regarding tracking and the customer portal.
  • Verify the regions they serve 
  • Send a test package with them.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect to get their purchases fast and in good condition. They also anticipate being able to contact you if any of the problems mentioned above arise. As an online store, you should have numerous contact points. Use knowledgeable customer care personnel for each stage of the ordering and delivery process.

The safety precautions may appear intimidating, but they will feel routine once they are flawlessly implemented throughout your firm. You can prevent the worst shipment problems by being prepared. Eventually, you will win over more devoted customers.

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