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The Internet provides instantaneous access to a world of services that would otherwise be difficult to obtain in a particular area. A mom-and-pop shop down the street may offer bespoke T-shirt printing, but they may not have the resources to print what you need on the garment you desire. However, with a few clicks of your mouse, you can quickly and easily make your own custom-printed gear online, complete with your own logo, artwork, and other visuals.

One such service is RushOrderTees. This internet business serves both large and small orders, and it currently has more than 500,000 satisfied customers. In 2002, when current CEO Mike Nemeroff was still in high school, he and his sister launched the business out of their garage to support their struggling family. As time went on, the company expanded, bringing with it new offerings.

RushOrderTees currently provides the options of screen printing, embroidery, vinyl numbered and lettered designs, and direct-to-garment printing, which is akin to printing with an inkjet printer. Working out of a facility in Philadelphia, the company uses a team of artists, designers, and hardworking employees. What is the procedure for placing an order with RushOrderTees, though? This Rush Order Tees review will guide you through the process.

The Process

When it comes to custom printed clothing, RushOrderTees has what seems like an infinite number of options to pick from. There is casual wear for men and women, including tees, polos, sweatshirts, hoodies, coats, caps, and purses. Brands like Eddie Bauer, Adidas, and Nike are also available from this retailer. The following are the typical stages involved in placing an order with the company:

1. Create and submit artwork

Customers can either use the site’s built-in tools to design a shirt, or upload an already-made graphic. For those who may not know where to begin, RushOrderTees provides templates, as well as support, tutorials, and customer care, especially for those who may have questions concerning copyright and protected photos.

2. Select the desired product and size.

RushOrderTees provides guidance on everything from choosing the right size and style for your graphic to providing advice on how to wear and maintain your shirts.

3. Customization

The customer has the ability to modify the design, product, or size after making their initial selection. During this step, the client specifies his or her preferred method of customization, be it embroidery, direct-to-fabric printing, or patches. The company also provides a detailed breakdown of the differences between the various screen printing options. Customers are also warned if the quality of their designs is below what is required by a given printing method. For example, some types of very elaborate graphic designs cannot be embroidered. Many reviews point out that the company has very few limitation on what it can print.

4. Ordering

The customer receives an estimate for the cost of the order after they have decided on a design, format, and set of printing options. Pricing is set according to product category, order size, and design complexity (including the number of colors used). During this phase, customers can use RushOrderTees’ quote calculator to get an idea of how much their order will cost. To cut costs, it’s a good idea to bulk up your order, as the cost of each garment drops when the order size is large. Customers can also save money by selecting fewer printing colors, and discounts are available.

There is no set minimum for printed designs, but RushOrderTees requires that you order a minimum of six pieces for embroidery and twenty-five for patches. After an order is placed, the company’s designers go over it to make sure there won’t be any problems with printing. Generally speaking, orders of 16 units or fewer are automatically accepted once the design has been approved. After a review and acceptance, orders are submitted to the production queue, with those that include a shipping cost printed first. The finished products are quality checked before the order is packaged for shipment, and the client is given a tracking number.

5. Payment

RushOrderTees is happy to work with schools and other large groups by accepting purchase orders, layaway plans, credit cards, and layaway/buy now, pay later programs. Many Rush Order Tees reviews comment on the flexibility of payment options this company offers.


With over twenty years of experience, RushOrderTees has a leg up on its online printing competitors, who may offer cheaper prices but worse quality. If a customer creates an account, they will be able to save designs, reorder and reprint completed projects, and bundle numerous products and designs into a single shipment. The company has a B+ rating with the BBB thanks to several positive customer evaluations and the availability of free samples upon request. Hopefully this Rush Order Tees review has answered any questions you might have, especially “how does RushOrderTees work?”


1. How does work with refunds?

RushOrderTees does not accept returns, but if there is a problem with your shipment, customers may call 1-800-620-1233. Live chat is an additional service the organization provides.

2. How does RushOrderTees work with the customer if there is a problem with the order?

Yes, RushOrderTees has a stringent procedure in place to guarantee happiness for its clients. If a customer’s order is missing items, comes damaged, or is delayed for any reason, clients can fill out the customer service form to get in touch with a representative. This must be done by the customer within 15 days of receiving the order.

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