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Ways to Make Money with Guest Post Blogging

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Guest Post Blogging: How to Earn Money

If you are able to successfully pitch and write articles for other websites and blogs and you enjoy writing on a variety of topics, then you may be able to earn money through guest blogging. “Guest blogging” is the practice of working as a freelance writer and submitting blog posts on an as-needed basis for a particular site, though not as a regular writer or employee of the site. For those who find a few good and steady guest blogging jobs, this can end up being a steady source of side income. In some cases, it can even lead to regular writing jobs. As with any job, however, there are a few extra things a writer can do to optimize his or her earnings, and there are many ways to make money with guest posts. The following are some of the potential methods by which you might make money off of your guest blogging:

1. Write Professionally

Write high-quality, well-written articles that are aligned with the content and audience of other similar websites or blogs. Many websites and blogs are willing to pay for professionally produced articles. You can approach these websites with your ideas and negotiate a charge for your work, perhaps even earning a higher commission.

2. Affiliate Links

Some websites will let you put affiliate links in your guest posts if you include them in your articles. If you produce your own merchandise or have affiliate accounts with retailers such as Amazon, then you might earn some extra money from your writing job if readers click on the embedded links in the article. You are eligible to get a commission on sales made as a result of someone following one of these links and completing a transaction.

3. Promote Yourself

One of the ways to make money with guest posts is to promote your own goods and services. If you have your own business or website, you may mention them in the guest articles that you write and provide a link to your website, if allowed. This will help drive traffic to your own business, especially if the article ends up gaining popularity and receiving several reposts. This may help attract visitors to your company’s website over a longer period of time, which in turn may result in more sales in the long term.

4. Build Your Reputation and Portfolio

Even if you aren’t getting paid directly for your guest posts, writing for other websites may be an excellent way to enhance both your reputation and your portfolio of works, which will come in handy for future jobs. This is true even if you aren’t getting paid for the posts themselves but want to demonstrate a greater body of work to potential clients. This can help you attract more paying opportunities in the future.


It is essential to find websites and blogs that have a large audience that is actively engaged in order to achieve success with guest blogging. Additionally, it is necessary to write high-quality, well-researched pieces that offer something of value to the audience of the websites. Building relationships with the editors and writers who work for these websites can also be beneficial, since doing so can make it simpler in the future to submit pitches and write articles for the websites in question. There are many ways to make money with guest posts, and hopefully we have given you a few ideas!


1. What are some good guest blogging sites for a beginner to get started?

Some beginners get started on open freelance communities such as Textbroker or Upwork, but some take the direct approach. By doing a Google search for “submit a guest post,” this returns a list of blogs currently accepting guest writers and the instructions on how to apply. These sites will usually have instructions on how to submit articles, but most will want to see a portfolio of your work, so have that available on a website with an included link in your inquiry email to the blog owner.

2. How can a guest blogger get feedback on his or her work?

Most veteran bloggers recommend setting up an account with Google Analytics or some other trackback service that can monitor traffic to your blog post and give insights on how many visitors come to it over time. The popularity of certain posts can give writers an idea of which topics have the most interested readers.

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