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List of the Top Guest Posting Marketplace Websites

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Marketplaces and Communities: The Tops Sites to Find Guest Blogging Jobs

In addition to gaining exposure for your own blog or website, guest blogging can be a great way to network with other bloggers and websites in your field. Taking on guest blogging gigs can help you get your name out there as a writer, and it can lead to connections with readers and potential clients who may one day offer you a full-time gig. Where do you even come across such chances, though? When deciding where to submit your guest post, how do you narrow down the possibilities? It is possible to find guest blogging opportunities by browsing the following online marketplaces:

Open Marketplaces

Creating an account and profile on a website that caters to clients looking for writers and acts as an intermediary between guest posting websites and writers is one of the best places for a beginner to start. These are websites that facilitate communication between guest-blogging websites and the bloggers who write for them. You can make a profile and submit your resume for any open positions. Writers may take direct orders from clients or write on any subject they please. Once published, blog owners may buy the article for use on their sites. Online marketplaces include some of the following:

Blogger Outreach Services

There are a number of blogger outreach services that can connect you with relevant guest posting sites. These services typically work with brands and businesses to identify suitable blogs and websites for sponsored content and can help you secure guest blogging spots.

Social Media

Many bloggers and websites advertise guest blogging opportunities on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, which act as their own open marketplaces. You can also use social media to reach out to bloggers and websites directly and ask about guest blogging opportunities.

Blogging Communities and Networks

Numerous discussion boards and social media networks host groups specifically for bloggers. These can be useful for locating opportunities to write guest posts and making connections with other bloggers. Blogging communities serve as a de facto market and a resource center for aspiring writers because owners of guest posting websites often post job openings there.


A website can be made with relative ease these days, but there is little point in having one if no one ever visits it. Improved search engine rankings are the direct result of consistent content publishing and other search engine optimization efforts. Improved discoverability increases traffic, which in turn increases the site’s profile. The goal of most blog publishers when they hire guest bloggers is to have fresh, engaging content posted on a regular basis. This is critical information for guest bloggers to remember as they search the many guest blogging marketplaces for guest posting sites to work for.


1. To what extent do guest bloggers get credited for their work on guest posting websites?

Some blogs do allow authors to retain their bylines on published pieces, while others simply claim the work as their own. This is crucial knowledge to have before accepting any writing jobs.

2. Who owns the articles posted on guest posting sites?

The blog’s owner and the guest blogger’s agreement will also play a role in this. Ownership of the work is typically transferred to the client when a writer works for a marketplace that allows writers to post articles on a variety of topics for purchase. Regular guest bloggers, on the other hand, can keep all of the rights to their own work on the blog.

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