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The Benefits Of Adding A Transcription Or Video Summary To Your Blog Posts

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If you’ve ever found yourself on a blog website that has transcribed or video summary versions of the written content, you were likely a little impressed. It’s a lot of effort to go to, right? As opposed to just writing down a few bullet points and leaving it at that?

But what is the point of going that extra mile? Are there any benefits to adding a transcription or video summary to your blog posts?

Read on and let’s find out!

1. Make your content more accessible

First of all, in adding an audio transcription or video summary to your blog posts (or both), you are making the content itself far more accessible.

For example, if someone wants to engage with your content but they are visually impaired or struggles with reading for whatever reason, an audio transcription allows them to consume the valuable information you are providing without any issues.

Going above and beyond to cater for everyone will go a long way towards solidifying your brand image.

2. Appeal to a wider audience

It’s not just about accessibility, but mere preference. Some people may simply prefer to consume their content via audio or video and providing several options will invariably help you to appeal to a much wider audience.

3. Repurpose your content for different platforms

Another excellent benefit to transcribing and/or providing a video summary for your blog posts is the fact that you will also be making the blog posts suitable to be shared on multiple platforms. For example:

  • You can share the blog post as it is on Facebook.
  • The video summary can be uploaded to YouTube and/or TikTok.
  • Your audio transcription can be made into a podcast for Spotify or similar platforms.
  • And so on…

4. Google will favour your content

Put it this way: if Google is trying to decide between two blogs to rank on Google for a specific keyword or topic (e.g., Dallas SEO), but both are optimized well and have excellent information, how can they decide which to give priority?  

If one has an audio and video transcription, thus making it more accessible, the likelihood is that Google will favour that website instead.

Remember, Google is pushing towards “people first” content – which means if you are actively trying to improve the overall user experience, you will be rewarded with greater visibility, thus helping you to expand your business.

5. It looks more professional

Most websites do not go to the lengths of transcribing their blogs into audio or turning it into a video as well because they have neither the time, desire, or resources to dedicate to it.

However, those that do make the effort look far more professional.

The general consensus is that if you are prepared to tick every box and provide as comprehensive a blog post as possible, with an interactive menu section, multiple choices on how to consume the content, and more, then your visitors will be far more likely to trust you – and indeed come back again in the future.

Put your best foot forward. 

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