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What Are Some Web Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO?

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Are you running a website? It is best to understand what SEO is and how to prevent site design errors that might harm your SEO efforts. Website design is the first thing that crosses your mind, and it is one of those things you only think about once someone points out a mistake in your site and how it can damage your SEO.

In today’s highly competitive digital market, its performance and capacity to engage (and convert) site visitors into lead generation are crucial. Yet, many website designers continue to make basic (but easily fixed) errors that harm their SEO. This guide will lead you thru the top website design mistakes to avoid in 2023 to grow.

What Is SEO Web Design?

SEO website design refers to building a website so search engines like Google and Yahoo can crawl and gather valuable data from each page. Crawling is the process of scanning an entire webpage. According to this data, websites are rated based on their content quality, relevancy, and domain authority.

To do effectively in terms of Search ranking, you must consider the following:

  • Your domain name should include what your site is about and assist search engines in understanding that.
  • Search engines flag websites that are not hosted securely. For example, if your web URL begins with HTTP rather than HTTPS, the search engine will mark it as “not secure.” And traffic will be redirected elsewhere.
  • You should have a content management system (CMS) that is easy for search engines to scan.
  • Good websites have connections that follow the pyramidal pattern, which permits link value and ranking authority to be dispersed evenly across the website.
  • Inserting keywords (but just the appropriate ones) makes it simpler for search engines to evaluate and index your web page. Creating SEO articles may be more manageable if you’ve mastered the foundations of SEO.

Here are the following web design mistakes that hurt SEO

Poor Navigation

Poorly designed navigation systems might harm your website’s user experience or SEO ranking. Users and web search crawlers can only navigate your site if you have concealed navigation in the menu bar or have a good navigation structure.

As a result, I advise website builders to use the traditional navigation menu integrated at the top of their screens. Create XML sitemaps as well to assist search engines in navigating your website.

A Sitemap is a file containing URLs for your sites and is readily available by search engines. WordPress will generate a simple XML sitemap for your site. Yet, you may always tweak your website sitemaps for more reach.

Absent or unclear CTA

One of the most popular web design mistakes a marketer can make is failing to consider a clear and engaging call-to-action (CTA) button. A CTA button cannot be unclear, such as “Click Here.” Instead, it should indicate an action the audience will be interested in, such as “Download Your Copy Today.”

Too Much and Too Less Content

Content is an excellent chance to integrate keywords on a website and inform people about your company. As a result, having a fair amount of material on your website is critical because having either excessive or insufficient material might harm your website’s SEO.

 Always keep in mind that internet users scan over stuff. As a result, make your website material brief and informative.

But, this does not exclude you from adding material to your website because crawlers of search engines comprehend text better than photos, movies, or other media.

As a result, you’ll require short yet accurate text on your site, such as:

  • Get rid of all the unnecessary text.
  • Use keywords to create compelling headlines.
  • Use pictures in between text sections.
  • Utilize brief paragraphs, etc.

Slow Page Load Speed

A poorly designed site, including one with extraneous code or an excessive number of huge, heavy images, can load slowly. This is a death sentence for your website’s SEO; a website that loads quickly is vital.

Google has indicated that page load times affect site rankings. The notion here is that faster loading results in happier visitors and delighted viewers is what Google is chasing, and you should also be.

Website owners may increase 7the performance of their website by installing a caching plugin or CDN, which can minimize the time it takes for a request to be completed. Nevertheless, if your website includes a lot of dynamic requests, such as videos or other media, this type of “lazy-loading” or “preloading” solution might not be as successful.

Too few or too many images

 Few or too many images, like excessive or insufficient content, can disrupt SEO-friendly website design. The next big thing is visual search, estimated to reach $14,727 million by 2023. (Source: SEO Troupe).

If you do not include photographs in your material, your website will become boring. But, having too many pictures in your website design will slow it down. As a result, while adding photographs to your website, you must be very exact, such as:

  • Ensure that the photos you use are appropriate for the style and structure of your website.
  • Utilize unique photographs instead of stock ones.
  • Employ infographics to give both information and visual aspects.

Infographics are the most famous content and may improve site traffic by 13%.

  • Trim and resize photographs to match the website design.
  • e-commerce sites should include various photos of a product and use a variety of icon styles to generate appealing CTA sections, among other things.

Not Socially Integrating

This is a significant miscalculation, not a web design mistake. Social networking links are critical for driving natural visitors to your site simply because social networking is the most crucial source of off-page SEO.

Furthermore, before purchasing, individuals want to interact with the companies. According to a new Sprout Social study, one in every three customers uses social media to locate novel goods or services. Furthermore, one in every four consumers uses social media to purchase new items.

It implies that integrating social networking links into your website is necessary to delight search results and attract new users.


You can’t develop a successful web without SEO, and you can’t have good SEO without a visually appealing website. In reality, website design and SEO are equally crucial in ensuring your website attracts, retains, and turns people into devoted customers.

The SEO and web design New Orleans teams must be included in the early phases of your website creation. A full-service digital marketing firm with an experienced team of developers, designers, and SEO specialists can guarantee that the product matches your company objectives and gives your ideal consumers an excellent customer experience. Get in touch with web design company New Orleans for more information.

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