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How to Save Money Online

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The Internet is a valuable source of information and entertainment. However, depending on the sites or apps a person uses, it can get expensive.

There are ways to get what you need from the Internet without forking out a heap of cash. You can save money by making savvy decisions, being patient, and spending time researching options.

Here are some ways to save money online.

Avoid Subscriptions

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a news article and attempting to read it, only to be confronted with a paywall asking for a payment to access the news. Yes, journalists must receive fair compensation for their writing, but this can be a big ask for one-off articles. 

Here are a couple of ways to get around paywalls:

  • Reader mode or incognito: Safari and Google Chrome browsers have a reader mode. Sometimes, switching to this allows the reader to bypass the paywall, as does Chrome’s incognito mode.
  • Copy and paste the headline: If you can see the headline, it’s worth copying it into a browser. It may bring up the exact same story that’s been published on a free news site.
  • Reset the free views: Some news sites will allow the viewer a limited number of free reads before popping up the paywall. Clearing the site cookies can often reset the views back to zero.

Playing Games

A popular pastime for many is playing games online. While most are free to download, be aware of those requiring in-game purchases. 

Most adults are savvy enough to ignore these, but many kids get caught up in rapidly advancing through the game, which can become costly. Either choose a game with zero spending required, or don’t link any cards or accounts to it.

Similarly, online casinos are a fun way to spend time, and many games can be played using free tokens without spending a cent. Before signing up for any site, check out the offers. Bonuses with no deposit needed are just one of the many deals that can be found. 

Online Banking

The evolution of digital banking in the 21st century means that traditional brick-and-mortar institutions have more competition than ever. 

Lower Fees

Previously, a regular bank account came with high operating and processing fees. They may seem insignificant every month, but over a year, they can become quite a financial burden.

One of the many ways financial technology institutions (FinTechs) entice new business is by having low or even zero fees. Due to strict regulations in this industry, it’s vital to research the available ones in your area before applying.

Better Rates

FinTechs have one significant advantage over traditional banks — low overheads. Without physical branches, these organizations save money on rent and staff expenses. They can return the extra money to the customer through higher interest rates for investments and lower ones for borrowings.

No Travel Expenses

Opening an online bank account means a person never has to physically go to a branch. Without this activity, loads of money is saved on gasoline, wear and tear on the vehicle, and time. 

Online Shopping

Online shopping is a convenient way to make purchases without leaving the house. However, getting caught up in the excitement of buying something from the Internet and spending money unnecessarily is easy. Here are some online shopping tips:

Stop Impulse Shopping

Although shopping online can be fun, it can also lead to unnecessary impulse buying. Before clicking the ‘checkout’ button, be absolutely sure that this item adds value to your life. Buyer’s remorse is legitimate and can be avoided by not hastily purchasing something that’s not really needed.

Beware of the Pressure Factor

Don’t be fooled by the ‘only four left, buy now’ hype. Often, the reason why product prices are reduced is the retailer is clearing out old or over-purchased stock. The rush action is a popular way for them to unload items quickly. It’s worth waiting it out another few days. If the pressure factor hasn’t worked and there are still products left, they may drop the price even further.

Discount Offers and Promo Codes

It’s rare these days to shop online and not be given a ‘promo code’ box during checkout. A quick search can deliver loads of discount codes to apply to reduce the price further. That extra few minutes spent looking for promotions pays off in the long run.

Delivery Fees

One way online retailers make money is with high delivery fees. Often, the cost is the same whether it’s one or many items. If that’s the case, buying as many things as possible from the same seller simultaneously and paying just one fee is a savvy idea. What’s more, many online retailers offer free shipping on orders that exceed a certain amount. In the long run, this can save you thousands.

Everyone Can Save Money Online

There are several straightforward ways to save money online. People who get their daily news from the Internet can avoid paywalls by using a few browser hacks.

Gamers can also save money by not playing games with in-app purchases, while gamblers can benefit from a myriad of special offers and bonuses if they look hard enough.

Online banking saves customers thousands in fees annually due to the organizations’ low overheads. 

Finally, online shoppers can save money by not impulse shopping or being fooled by ‘urgent’ sales. By searching for discounts and promotions, they can also reduce the price of many items, and buying more than one item from the same seller can save on delivery fees.

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