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Preparation For The 2026 World Cup

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Soccer is growing and not to brag but I have been a fan for a long time because my Dad happens to be English. I grew up watching soccer, or football as I was brought up to say. The overall feeling of football is like no other sport, no matter what sport you like. If you really got into soccer and picked a team and supported them, the emotion and way of playing are special. With the biggest sporting event in the world coming to the US, it feels like the perfect time to get into the sport so you can experience the best sport in the world. 

Watch The USA National Team

After a few years of the USA national team being pretty bad, we are finally getting to a point where the national team is good and has some great players and are at a kind of peak now and we will be getting even better as our younger players get further into their peak. 

World Cup 2022 And What It Means For The Next World Cup

The last World Cup was a good time for us as a nation and we comfortably made it through the group and unfortunately got knocked out in the next round by a very strong Netherlands team. Now, when the next World Cup takes place, it will have been 4 years. 4 years in terms of soccer is massive, and some of our best young players, like Musah and Ferreira, will be even better by the time that comes along. These players getting into their peak makes our squad even stronger. We also have to take into account the players who will be coming through now and be able to play in this tournament. I am very excited for the future of this team and think we will only get stronger. When you get into soccer, one of the best things about the sport is the massive betting culture that goes along with it, bookmakers like Boylesports.com are some of the best bookies that make the sport feel even better and get you even more engrossed with the games and the teams. 

Our Biggest Rivals

Like any sports tournament, we have rivals. Having a team we hate or dislike in the tournament makes it a lot better as you can watch this team and hope they lose and this gets you watching more soccer which is always a good time. So let’s talk about our rival nations. Starting with the other hosts: Mexico and Canada along with us get an automatic qualification to the World Cup, so if we come against either of these nations the tensions will flare. Both Canada and Mexico have good squads and have players we need to watch but if you put our squads next to each other, we should win both. 


The other one of our main rivals is England. England is similar to us because we both have neighboring nations who will qualify and then we have each other across the pond. In all honesty, the USA team is not to the level of England, as much as it pains me to say. England hasn’t won a major international tournament since the 1960s but they are the overall favorites for this tournament. I can’t take England winning the World Cup because of my dad and his bragging rights. He already holds over how many trophies his team has won over mine and if England and the USA play again, like we did in the 2022 World Cup, and we lose and then England go on to win the tournament, it would be a horrible time for me. 

The Culture and The Effects

The World Cup coming to America means a whole host of Nations and its fans will be there and you could meet a lot of really great people and see how passionate they are for this great sport.

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